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Using Comfeel Plus Transparent under masks and goggles to protect skin at risk

We at Coloplast are aware of the immensely challenging time for health care professionals at present, along with the pressure this is putting on all medical facilities worldwide. To protect themselves from infection, healthcare professionals are taking additional precautions – using masks and goggles when treating patients.

Use of masks and goggles may cause pressure injuries and discomfort due to prolonged wear.1,2

Research has shown that hydrocolloids can be used for protection of skin and pressure injuries3,4 . EPUAP recommends using a prophylactic dressing beneath a medical device to reduce the risk of medical device related pressure injuries 5.

Comfeel® Plus Transparent


Comfeel Plus Transparent can be used for protection of skin at risk of injury, or in the early stages of wound development. Comfeel is easy to apply and remove, even with gloves, and ensures easy monitoring.

In the recent publication6 from the 28th March 2020 NHS England and NHS Improvement, Public Health England and the Academy of Medical Royal College recommend that FFP3 respirators are used when caring for patients in areas where high risk aerosol generating procedures (AGPs) are being performed. If your organisation is unable to provide FFP3 masks, then the official bodies recommend that FFP2 masks are used as an alternative. Both of these mask types should be fit tested, and not just fit checked.

If you require skin protection and choose to use Comfeel Plus Transparent under your mask, Coloplast recommend fit testing to take place with Comfeel Plus Transparent in situ.1,2

How to cut Comfeel Plus Transparent

Ensure the skin is clean and dry. Avoid using moisturisers or emollients before applying the product. Warm the product prior to application to activate the adhesive.

Areas where you can experience skin friction: cheek, nose, forehead.

Cut to fit areas where skin is at risk. Remember to cut before removing the protective papers.

Consider aseptic technique during handling and apply with the adhesive side of the product facing the skin. Gently swipe your fingers across the product, once applied, to help it adhere to the skin.

Put on the protective masks and goggles. A Fit Test may be required depending on the type of mask used. Please refer to and follow your local guidelines*.

*The UK recommends FFP3 respirators when caring for patients in areas where high risk AGPs are being performed6. These should be fit tested for all staff and not just fit checked6. Comfeel Plus Transparent has not been fit tested. The suggested use of Comfeel Plus Transparent for this purpose has been based on experience from Healthcare Professionals in China.


It is only recommended to cut Comfeel Plus Transparent due to the special circumstances caused by the outbreak of the Corona virus and any use of the product for this purpose should be in compliance with local guidelines on fit testing of masks and goggles.

Comfeel® Plus Ensured protection.
Hydrocolloid dressings for moist wound healing

Comfeel Plus provides the benefits of moist wound healing and protection for wounds and skin at risk.

* Only Comfeel Plus Transparent 

The protection you know. The user-friendliness you need.

We have updated Comfeel Plus with new 3-piece non-touch system for easy and aseptic application.

We have redesigned the retail box with turquoise touch points, large font size and a life-size picture of the product on the front to make it easy to find the dressing you need.

We have included “how to use” illustrations on the pouch to guide you all the way through.

Comfeel Plus

Pioneers in moist wound healing. Partners in the future of health care.

As a health care provider, you know that protecting the wound while it heals can make all the difference. And we know that wound care is no easy job.

That’s why we have used the experience gained from three decades of working with wound care to update Comfeel Plus with user-friendly features.

The result is a series of dressings that are intuitive to work with while still delivering the protection you know.

Frequently asked questions

Q: What is new?

A: We have updated the design of Comfeel Plus with:

  • 3-piece non-touch application system for easy and aseptic application

  • New retail box design with a life-size photo on the front for easy product selection

  • “How to use” illustrations on the pouch

  • Turquoise touch points to guide you

Q: What about the performance, has that changed?

A: The updated Comfeel Plus delivers the same performance you know.The update concerns the design of the product and packaging to make it more user-friendly.

Q: When will I get the new products?

A: Over the next years we will introduce the updated Comfeel Plus across all our markets. Please contact your local Coloplast representative for information about your market.

Q:Are all hydrocolloid dressings the same?

A:Comfeel Plus delivers the protection you expect from a hydrocolloid dressing.

With the 3-piece non-touch system you get an easy and aseptic application, which means you can apply the dressing without touching the adhesive part of the dressing, reducing risk of contamination and infection.

The special monitoring grid also makes it possible for you to monitor the wound healing without having to remove the dressing.

The smooth top film and thin bevelled edges reduces the risk of the dressing sticking to clothes and bedding leading to rolling edges and the dressing falling off.

Unlike other hydrocolloids on the market Comfeel Plus is formulated without pectin, known allergens such as latex or colophony, and animal derivatives such as gelatine.

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See full list of references
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