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Pregnancy so far..

So, I found out I was pregnant at 4 weeks with my second baby! I already have a girl called violet who is 7. I didn't have a stoma at this time so pregnancy with a stoma is a new journey for me. At around 6 weeks the nausea started, it really increased by week 10 and lasted until week 18!! I completely went off hot drinks especially coffee which I did love, I am now drinking decaf tea again but I can’t even smell coffee! I felt particularly worse on evenings (ironic they name it morning sickness!!) I seen the midwife for my first appointment around week 10 and she advised me to speak to my GP regarding the sickness. Which I did, and was prescribed cyclizine. This took the edge off, it didn’t completely stop it but it helped! It felt like a constant travel sickness. 

18-22 weeks


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