Luja – the new generation of male catheter is now here

Luja is the first and only catheter with the unique Micro-hole Zone Technology. With 80+ micro-holes instead of 2 standard eyelets, Luja completely empties the bladder in one go (1); Repositioning is no longer necessary.

Micro-holes. Macro difference.

The urine flow only stops when your bladder is completely emptied so when you’re done, you’re done.

Luja empties your bladder quickly and on the first attempt without you having to reposition the catheter.

Designed to ensure your bladder is emptied as much as possible to reduce your risk of UTIs (2).

Get to know the additional benefits of Luja

For smooth insertion and less friction to protect your urethra and reduce the risk of UTIs (3).

Helps to position the catheter tip in the urethra and provides control during insertion.

Supports a hygienic, no-touch routine with a soft grip for control during catheterisation.

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