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Our stance on the Coronavirus outbreak

As the Coronavirus continues to spread, Coloplast continues to monitor the situation closely and take all necessary precautions to keep our employees, customers and partners safe.

Our priorities are clear.

Firstly, we will comply with and support whatever guidelines are put in place by local and global health care authorities. We monitor this on an ongoing basis both locally and at our global HQ, and we have many initiatives running to prevent and contain the spread of the virus.

Secondly, we will continue to serve our customers through this difficult period. Our customers rely on our help and support, so they can continue to manage their conditions. We continue to engage with our customers, and to manufacture and distribute our products. This is of paramount importance - our customers rely on us.

Currently, the Coronavirus is not impacting our ability to supply our medical devices to customers across the globe, and we encourage all customers to continue to order regular supply quantities to avoid hoarding. 

Here are some of the initiatives that we have put in place globally:

  • We have implemented a multitude of initiatives and safety measures at our production sites and our distribution centres to ensure a safe, stable and continued supply of products.

  • We have suspended all international travel effective immediately and until further notice.

  • Employees who can do their job from home will work from home until further notice. 

  • All meetings with more than 10 participants (internal or external) have been cancelled.

  • Wherever possible we meet digitally via Microsoft Teams instead of meeting face to face.

We are doing our utmost to protect our employees while also continuing to serve our customers. Our local phonelines remain open, however, we ask for your patience and understanding if things take a little longer than normal.

For media representatives, please reach out to Senior Media Relations Manager Lina Danstrup ( / +45 49112607), if you have any questions.

Government advice and support

As well as the advice that you can find on both the stoma and bladder and bowel sections of our website about managing your condition, there is also some expert advice from the NHS and Government.  You can view the most up to date links below:


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