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Product description

The Coloplast BoNee bladder injection needle, developed in partnership with doctors, delivers low viscosity medication exactly where it is intended.

4 mm tip needle:

Designed to safely control needle depth into the bladder wall, which limits the risk of perforation.

Protection cap:

Blue protection cap covers the needle tip to prevent damage when passed through the cystoscope.

22 gauge needle:

Small needle size to reduce bleeding, tissue damage and pain

35 cm or 70 cm length:

Two available sizes to meet your needs. Flexible and strong body

  • 35 cm – for use with a rigid cystoscope.
  • 70 cm – for use with a flexible or rigid cystoscope.

5 French:

BoNee can be used with a small size cystoscope (5 FR), to reduce patient discomfort during the procedure.

Flexible and strong body:

BoNee allows injection in any part of the bladder without kinking.
Individually packed - Sterile Ethylene Oxide (EO).


Product options

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Product options

Product name Item number Product variant comment Units in package
With both flexible and rigid cystoscope NBI070 With both flexible and rigid cystoscope 1
With rigid cystoscope NBI035 With rigid cystoscope 1
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