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Product description

A barrier cream is used to moisturise and manage irritated skin.

The Brava® Barrier Cream has a moisturising effect that helps manage sore, dry and irritated skin. It creates a long-lasting barrier which protects the skin from further damage from output or adhesives. This allows the baseplate to adhere so you can wear your appliance.

Issues with leakage, skin irritation or odour? The Brava Online Tool helps you finding the right solution!


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Product options

Product name Item number Units in package Volume
Brava® barrier cream 12000 1 60 ml

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Brava® Elastic Tape

Prevents the edges of the baseplate from lifting, securing the position of the baseplate

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Brava® Skin Barrier

Sting-free skin protection from output and adhesives

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Brava® Barrier Cream

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