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Product description

The Brava Elastic Tape keeps the baseplate in position for extra security. It is elastic, so it follows body shapes and movements. It is also skin friendly as it absorbs moisture.

It is now available in new variants to fit most sizes and shapes of baseplates.


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Product name Item number Product variant comment
Brava® Elastic Tape Straight 12074 40

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Brava® Adhesive Remover

Sting-free and easy removal of your appliance

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Brava® Elastic Tape Belt

Elastic Tape Belt prevents the edges of the baseplate from lifting and provides extra support for outward areas, such as hernia,

View Brava® Elastic Tape Belt

Brava® Elastic Tape

Prevents the edges of the baseplate from lifting, securing the position of the baseplate

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Brava® Elastic Tape Straight

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