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Exair Anterior and Posterior Prolapse Repair Systems are indicated for tissue reinforcement and long-lasting stabilization of fascial structures of the pelvic floor in vaginal wall prolapse where surgical treatment is intended, either as mechanical support or bridging material for the fascial defect.

The Exair lightweight custom-shaped Novasilk® mesh is lighter weight and lower density for less implanted material. The mesh has a soft-cut, non-fraying edges help to lessen risk of extrusion and large pores to support tissue ingrowth and incorporation of mesh into adjacent tissue.

The Exair 5 mm diameter single-use disposable trocar with a hollow inner lumen is designed to facilitate the placement of retrievers for both anterior and posterior systems. The introducer length and curvature suitable for bilateral transobturator and transgluteal passage.

The retrievers pull from the vaginal incision, through the tissue, to the corresponding skin
exit. Mesh and sleeve arms connect to the retrievers and pass through the tissue pathways made by the introducer.

Exair Prolapse Repair System

Arcus to Arcus Coverage

Apical support with anatomical conformance to recreate the patient's pelvic floor.

Based on the light-weight Novasilk Mesh

Custom-shaped third generation mesh is lighter, softer, thinner than the leading polypropylene mesh.

Intuitive, Precise Delivery System

Introducer and retriever easily deliver mesh to the sacrospinous ligament and the obturator internus muscle providing Level I, II, III support.


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Product options

Product name Item number Units in package
Anterior Prolapse Kit 501000 1
Posterior Prolapse Kit 501500 1

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Restorelle® A is a pre-shaped trapezoid synthetic mesh for transvaginal prolapse repair.

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Restorelle® Flat Mesh

Restorelle® M and XL offer flat grafts that can be customized specifically for pelvic floor repair procedures.

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