Consent Form:

Coloplast will respect the privacy of your personal information and protect the confidentiality of sensitive information connected to your use of Coloplast Learning Center. By accepting the Consent Form you allow Coloplast to use information received and arisen from your program participation as follows:


- Coloplast can keep your personal data (from the sign-up) and data arisen from your learning activities and test participation.

- Coloplast can contact you through e-mail with information about existing courses, completed courses, new courses, or other relevant information regarding intimate health care issues.

- Coloplast can share data from your learning activities and test participation with your training responsible in your own organisation upon request.

- Coloplast can share your information with a third party if required by law or local regulations related to Coloplast's products, services or educational standards.

- Coloplast will not forward your data to other 3rd parties than those for regulatory reasons or if requested by your employer.


You may be contacted by Coloplast, its agents, group companies, contractors, supply or service providers (“Coloplast Agents") by telephone, email, letter, or other means of communication but only for the purposes referred to above. In such cases Coloplast will ensure that the Coloplast Agent will comply with applicable privacy legislation as well as this Consent Form.


If you no longer wish to receive communication from Coloplast or request that any personal data in Coloplast’s possession to be deleted, please contact Coloplast’s local Consumer Service with your request that all communication should be discontinued.


To sign up for a program on the Coloplast Learning Center, you need to reply ‘yes, I accept the Consent Form’ on the signup page.


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