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Product description

Kit composition:
  • Chiba needle 18G, 20 cm long, stainless steel
  • Chiba needle 22G, 20 cm long, stainless steel
  • Seldinger guidewire with a “J” distal tip, 0.038 inch, PTFE-coated, 80 cm long
  • Dilators with or without a working sheath, radiopaque, in different sizes
  • Malécot nephrostomy catheter made of Vortek, 35 cm long with Luer lock connector
  • Stylet, stainless steel

Individually packaged • Sterile




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Product options

Product name Item number Catheter CH Product variant comment Tip type Units in package
Simple dilator - Seldinger guidewire RMA114 14 Simple dilator - Seldinger guidewire Malecot 1

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