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Product description


  • To establish a continuous access to the ureter and the kidney
  • To protect the ureter during repeated instrument exchanges during ureteroscopy
  • To limit the intrarenal pressures



  • Minimized time to perform the procedure: in one step the working guidewire becomes a safety guidewire
  • Reduced number of devices: save one guidewire and one dual lumen catheter
  • Possibility to inject contrast medium during the access sheath insertion



  • Two ways to insert the sheath: ReTrace concept and standard method
  • Hydrophilic coating to facilitate the introduction
  • Radiopaque ring at the distal part to enhance visibility under fluoroscopy and allow precise positioning
  • Kink resistant sheath to facilitate advancement and placement
  • Ergonomic shape for one hand operation

Individually packaged • Sterile


Product options

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Product options

Product name Item number Charriere Length (numeric) Units in package
ReTrace® ACXL10 10-12 35 cm 1
ReTrace® ACXL12 12-14 35 cm 1
ReTrace® AXXL10 10-12 45 cm 1
ReTrace® ASXL10 10-12 28 cm 1
ReTrace® ASXL12 12-14 28 cm 1
ReTrace® ALXL10 10-12 55 cm 1
ReTrace® ALXL12 12-14 55 cm 1
ReTrace® AXXL12 12-14 45 cm 1
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