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Your patients may need a lot of help and guidance, both before and after stoma surgery. In this section, we present a wide variety of Coloplast tools, materials and programmes that can support you in caring for and helping your patients.

Stoma Quality of Life

Stoma Quality of Life

The Stoma Quality of Life tool (Stoma-QoL) is a simple, validated questionnaire that can be used to measure quality of life in people with a stoma – and identify the issues that may cause anxiety or concern. Stoma Quality of Life tool

Assessing quality of life in stoma patients

People with a stoma can have many concerns – fear of leakage, embarrassment about their body, worries about becoming a burden to family and friends. When these concerns stop people from doing the things they enjoy, it puts their quality of life at risk.

With Stoma-QoL, healthcare professionals now have a standard and a common language with which to assess quality of life for people with a stoma. You can use the tool to monitor quality of life over time in the same person – or compare quality of life between patients.

Stoma-QoL is:

  • Specifically designed for people with a stoma – all questions are based on input from people with a stoma
  • Validated – tested in representative stoma populations in different countries
  • Reliable – weighted to emphasise the issues that are most critical to the respondent’s quality of life
  • Cross-cultural – translated into 16 languages
  • Simple – the questionnaire only takes 5–10 minutes to complete

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