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The Coloplast Virtue male sling is a minimally invasive treatment for mild or severe stress urinary incontinence (SUI) in male patients. It combines technologically advanced design, construction, materials and surgical approach. Virtue is the only male sling that utilises a unique four-arm approach designed to provide confident compression. The four-arm design and strong mesh made of 100% monofilament polypropylene provide bidirectional compression and elevation of the bulbous urethra.


Virtue is the only male sling that utilises a four-arm approach to alleviate stress urinary incontinence.

Four arm components contribute to continence (cf. 1, 2)
Elevated and elongated compression of the bulbar urethra


Virtue data suggests that it can be successfully used for all ranges of incontinent men.

  • High patient satisfaction 78% of patients are very much or much improved at 6 months (cf. 2)
  • Efficacy: 86% median pad weight reduction at 6 months (cf. 2)
  • Success rates are dispersed between mild, moderate and severely incontinent patients (cf. 2)


Virtue is easy to use and offers distinct features to minimise complications.

  • Suture loops provide easy removal of sling from introducer
  • Suture knobs provide secure attachment of arms to introducer
  • Alexis® wound protector/retractor holds the incision site open to allow easy access and maximum visibility to the operative field (cf. 3)


  • Virtue can be effectively evaluated intra-operatively.
  • Mesh body positioning is consistent, predictable, and reproducible
  • Quadratic fixation offers a dual mechanism of action (cf. 1)


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