The importance of cost-effective wound care

The demand for healthcare provision continues to grow therefore the NHS needs to make significant savings through greater efficiency whilst improving quality and patient outcomes.

Current best practice guidelines on joint working between the NHS and industry encourages NHS organisations and staff to consider partnership approaches.

Coloplast products and services are designed to make every day count for you and your patients.

Our services

Triangle of Wound Assessment

Triangle of Wound assessment

A new approach to wound assessment that encourages clinicians to look beyond the wound bed and wound edges to routinely assess and manage the periwound skin


Professional Education

Professional education is central to our commitment to listen and respond. As such Coloplast address the emerging training needs of our customers by providing tailored education programmes to our partners.



On-line educational modules provide an interactive learning experience for HCP's, supporting them to make the best clinical decisions.


In-service training

Our team of accredited Territory managers are trained to deliver a series of product based education modules on relevant therapeutic wound care topics.

Modules include:

  • Management of wound exudate
  • Difficult to dress wounds
  • Wound infection and the 2 week challenge
  • Pressure ulcers
  • Pain management
  • Hydrocolloids
  • Skin care 
  • Skin tears


Educational events

Coloplast support bespoke educational events, through independent external speakers with wound expertise, such as study days, clinical workshops and road shows.



An audit provides the tissue viability service a means to understand their current prevalence and categories of wounds, facilitating a planned approach to education, skills training and other interventions

For more information please contact your local Coloplast Business Development Manager.

Value argumentation

Superior absorption leads to longer wear time which in turn reduces overall cost

Superior absorption is highly important in supporting the wound healing process. Because of their superior absorption properties, Biatain® dressings can handle more exudate than other dressings. This enables them to provide extended wear time (1,2). Read more


1) Nielsen et al. EWMA 2011

2) Thomas S. et al.: Exudate-handling mechanisms of two foam-film dressings, Journal of wound care, vol. 17, no 7, July 2008

3) Drug Tariff Prices May 2013

4) Curtis, Unit Cost of Health and Social Care 2011 

With longer wear time, fewer dressings are required for each wound. This means less nursing time is needed for changing dressings. The graphs below compares Biatain Silicone with two competing dressings. Because Biatain Silicone is better at handling exudate, the dressing can be worn for longer, reducing the number of dressing changes required and thus reducing overall cost (3,4)


graphs that compare Biatain Silicone with two competing dressings


Reduced time to healing reduces cost

Reduced healing time means fewer resources required for materials and dressings and less nursing time. Read more


1) J Posnett, The resource impact of wounds on health-care providers in Europe. Journal of Wound Care Vol. 18, no. 4, 2009
2) D. Leaper, et al. The Use of Biatain Ag in hard-to-heal Venous Leg Ulcers: Meta-analysis of Randomised Controlled Trials. Accepted for publication. 

The cost of hard-to-heal/infectious wounds is affected by prolonged and intensified treatment, as well as prolonged hospitalisation and specialised treatment, possibly including surgical interventions (1).

Reduced time to healing enables you to save significant resources, including nursing time, number of dressings, antibiotics, diagnostics and transfer costs, while also improving quality of life for your patients.

Biatain® Ag is proven to provide faster wound healing (2).

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