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Product description

A strip paste is used to fill in folds to create an even surface for the baseplate.

The Brava Strip Paste fills deeper folds and scars which creates a tight seal between your skin and the baseplate.  This can help avoid leakage. The Brava Strip Paste can absorb moisture and improve the peristomal skin area. Tear off the length of strip you need and mould it into shape.

Issues with leakage, skin irritation or odour? The Brava Online Tool helps you finding the right solution!


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Product name Item number Units in package
Brava® strip paste 2655 10

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Brava® Elastic Tape

Prevents the edges of the baseplate from lifting, securing the position of the baseplate

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Brava® Mouldable Ring

Creates a durable seal between the stoma and the appliance which reduces leakage.

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Brava® Strip Paste

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