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How to apply and remove Biatain® Silicone Square

How to apply and remove Biatain Silicone Multishape and Biatain Silicone Heel

How to apply and remove Biatain Silicone Sacral Small and Large

When is it time to change a Biatain Silicone dressing

Biatain Silicone can be left in place for up to 7 days depending on the amount of wound fluid, dressing conditions and type of wound. The dressing should be changed when there is 1 cm between the exudate and the edge of the foam pad:

This is for general guidance only. Please follow instructions from your Healthcare Professional.

How to remove a Biatain Silicone dressing?

Remember to always follow the recommendation from your healthcare professional on dressing change frequency.

When removing a silicone foam dressing like Biatain Silicone, gently lift the border of the dressing and slowly pull back the dressing until fully removed.

Put the used dressing in the bin right away.

Click below to download an application booklet containing instructions on how to apply and remove all variants of Biatain Silicone.

Biatain Silicone application guide.

Patient Shared-Care Information Pack.


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