MS and Your Bladder

As many as 3 out of 4 people living with MS will develop bladder issues over the course of their lifetime. That’s a huge number, but not enough people recognise their MS might be causing their problems and as such, aren’t seeking the diagnosis and help they deserve. We want to change this.

We’re on a mission to increase awareness of the link between bladder issues and MS and have created a range of helpful tools and resources to help people make informed choices, tackle potentially daunting conversations about their treatment options and decide on the path that’s right for them. 

If you have bladder issues already, taking control of them can seem overwhelming, complicated, or maybe even embarrassing at times. But it shouldn’t be, and that’s where Coloplast can help.

Our team of healthcare professionals and other experts in bladder care have years of experience navigating various bladder conditions – and their links to MS – and work closely with people who use our products to find the right solutions for each person’s individual needs. 

As part of our commitment to making a real difference to people’s lives, we’ve created a unique range of intermittent self-catheterisation products to empower users and make day-to-day life that bit easier.


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