Colostomy UK, Ileostomy and Internal Pouch Association, and Urostomy Association, Coloplast UK, and people with a stoma running/walking to Parliament to ‘relay’ the importance of high quality stoma care

On Wednesday 20th July, Coloplast UK and Ireland will join forces with the UK’s three largest stoma charities: Colostomy UK, Ileostomy and Internal Pouch Association, and Urostomy Association to co-host a first-of-its-kind relay race to Parliament to launch a new ‘Calls to Action’ statement. 

The race will be led by people with a stoma, alongside other members of the stoma community, including nurses, charity representatives and even Coloplast UK’s local Member of Parliament, Paul Bristow MP.

The statement developed by people with stomas sets out the improvements needed to ensure everyone with a stoma has access to optimal care so that they can live their lives to the full, whether that’s returning to sport, going on holiday, going to the cinema, taking their kids to the park, DIY, going to a restaurant etc.

The relay will start at a London hospital, where the participants will run/walk in a relay to Westminster. This will act as a symbolic display of the activities that people with a stoma can do when they receive high quality care and support. 

Using the 'Calls to Action' statement as a ‘baton’, participants will follow a scenic route along the River Thames before passing the baton to reception host, Giles Watling MP, directly outside of Parliament. Once they have had the chance to catch their breath, Giles will invite the runners and walkers into Parliament to kick-off a reception and celebrate their efforts to carry this important message from 'patients' to policymakers. The reception will also seek to educate Parliamentarians about the steps they can take to support everyone living with a stoma across the UK.

How it started: Research

To articulate the challenges faced by people with a stoma, a modified Delphi panel used the output from several patient focus groups to create a set of ‘Calls to Action’, with a particular focus on the issue of leakage. The three leading UK stoma charities: Colostomy UK, Ileostomy and Internal Pouch Association (IA), and Urostomy Association (UA) were invited to participate, in an effort to bring together all parts of the UK stoma community.

Read full publication featured in British Journal of Nursing

Bringing the research to life

We wanted to ensure that the research came to life, were widely understood and acted upon. So we created a simpler two pager document. This is the 'Calls to Action'.

This pulls out recommendations for action by various stakeholders in the stoma community: Policymakers; Healthcare professionals; Healthcare providers; Community & Employers; Manufactures and Suppliers.

As mentioned above, the 'Calls to Action' will be physically carried by the relay team from hospital to Parliament.

Read full Consensus Statement

How can you support?

There are number of ways you can show your support either today or in the future. We would love everyone to show their support, whether you are in stoma community, member of public or a politician. 

Members of the public/Stoma community

Members of the public/Stoma community

Learn more how can you support

One of these ways is taking to socials, here are some suggested tweets:

"So excited to see the work of @iasupport, Urostomy Association, @ColostomyUK and @Coloplast_UK in Parliament today. As my local MP (insert MP handle), it would be great to see you pledge your support: #StomasInParliament"

"Wishing luck to @iasupport, Urostomy Association @ColostomyUK and @Coloplast_UK and everyone who is going to Parliament today to show that with the right care, people living with a #stoma can live life to the full! #StomasInParliament"

"Did you know that it's estimated that between 165,000 – 205,000 people in the UK live with a #Stoma, and that 21,000 people have stoma surgery each year. Find out more: #StomasInParliament"

Download your support sheet here



Learn more how can you support

One of these ways is taking to socials, here are some suggested tweets:

"Delighted to have attended today’s #StomasInParliament event, where I heard more about the steps that can be taken to support my constituents and other members of the #StomaCommunity up and down the country".

"Today I learned that approximately 300 people in each constituency live with a #Stoma. That’s why I’m delighted to support @iasupport, Urostomy Association, @ColostomyUK and @Coloplast_UK in their efforts to make life easier for the UK’s #StomaCommunity".

Download your pledge sheet here


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