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25 Feb 2019
Coloplast once again named one of the best companies to work for

Coloplast once again named one of the best companies to work for

On Thursday night (21/02/19), Peterborough based med-tech company Coloplast was named the 33rd best company to work for in the UK by the Sunday Times 100 Best Companies list, improving its position by 35 places over the previous year.

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Attending the reception to accept the award, Coloplast HR Director Ruth Hutchinson said she was very proud to work for an organisation that is nationally-recognised as one of the best places for employees to grow and build careers.

Ms Hutchinson said “It is the employees that bring our mission and values alive and deliver such a great service to people with intimate healthcare needs. It is also our employees that make Coloplast such a great place to work”.

“At Coloplast, we create innovative and life-changing products and provide services for people with chronic care conditions, restoring their dignity and enabling them to lead as normal lives as possible.

“The thing which stands out about our staff is that each and every one of them cares for their customers – whether they are the patients they serve or their carers, healthcare professionals, the NHS or any of our trade partners. We continue to see and feel the dedication and commitment from our employees and this inspires and motivates us to do better all the time.”

Coloplast has approximately 550 employees in the UK and the Republic of Ireland.

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