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26 Nov 2019
Coloplast wins big at Peterborough business awards

Coloplast wins big at Peterborough business awards

On Friday night (22/11/19), local employer and medtech company Coloplast won recognition as a leading employer and service provider at the Peterborough Business Excellence Awards.

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Coloplast, a manufacturer of products and services for people with intimate healthcare needs, was selected by a panel of judges as the winner in the Customer Service and Employer of the Year categories and was also a finalist for the Large Business of the Year award. In addition, Coloplast’s General Manager, Annemarie van Neck was awarded Business Person of the Year.     

Attending the ceremony to accept the awards, Coloplast’s HR Director Ruth Hutchinson said “We are extremely proud to have been nominated and to have won these accolades. They acknowledge the hard work and team spirit that we have as an organisation and business.

“Our staff are incredibly committed and this is the result of the can-do attitude each of us has in our service to our customers – whether they are the patients themselves, clinical staff, the NHS or other businesses. We are a lead employer in the Peterborough area and we intend to continue to invest and grow. We are always looking for talent so please keep a close eye out for opportunities with us.”

Annemarie said “I am truly humbled to have won this marvellous award and I couldn’t have done it without the support of Coloplast and all my colleagues who work tirelessly to ensure that the people who use our products and services are beyond satisfied.

“At Coloplast, our global mission is to make life easier for people with intimate healthcare needs which includes breaking the taboo and stigma involved with having a stoma and for those experiencing bladder and bowel issues. In the UK and the Republic of Ireland, we work very closely with all our users and provide high quality patient-centred support. These awards are testimony to our pledge being made a reality.”  

The judging panel were impressed by the company’s longstanding track record for making employees feel valued and supported. Coloplast has already been recognised as a Great Place to Work and was ranked 33rd in the Sunday Times 100 Best Companies list earlier this year.

Coloplast has approximately 575 employees in the UK and the Republic of Ireland and works to make life easier for those with intimate healthcare needs.

25 Feb 2019
Coloplast once again named one of the best companies to work for

Coloplast once again named one of the best companies to work for

On Thursday night (21/02/19), Peterborough based med-tech company Coloplast was named the 33rd best company to work for in the UK by the Sunday Times 100 Best Companies list, improving its position by 35 places over the previous year.

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Attending the reception to accept the award, Coloplast HR Director Ruth Hutchinson said she was very proud to work for an organisation that is nationally-recognised as one of the best places for employees to grow and build careers.

Ms Hutchinson said “It is the employees that bring our mission and values alive and deliver such a great service to people with intimate healthcare needs. It is also our employees that make Coloplast such a great place to work”.

“At Coloplast, we create innovative and life-changing products and provide services for people with chronic care conditions, restoring their dignity and enabling them to lead as normal lives as possible.

“The thing which stands out about our staff is that each and every one of them cares for their customers – whether they are the patients they serve or their carers, healthcare professionals, the NHS or any of our trade partners. We continue to see and feel the dedication and commitment from our employees and this inspires and motivates us to do better all the time.”

Coloplast has approximately 550 employees in the UK and the Republic of Ireland.

For more information contact Gerald Chan on / 01733 392000.

10 Jan 2019
Coloplast’s Biatain Silicone foam receives positive clinical rating by NHS Clinical Evaluation Team

Coloplast’s Biatain Silicone foam receives positive clinical rating by NHS Clinical Evaluation Team

The UK National Health Service (NHS) Clinical Evaluation Team (CET) have published a report evaluating foam dressings of Wound Care suppliers on packaging, opening, clinical use and disposal, and while Coloplast’s Biatain® Silicone has been rated highly in all categories it has been rated highest in absorbency and total fluid capacity management.

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Coloplast offers a range of Biatain® Silicone foam dressings, and Biatain Silicone was evaluated and rated positively within the silicone adhesive foam category.

“One of our key missions is to develop products with a strong clinical relevance,” said Senior Vice President Nicolai Buhl Andersen, Coloplast Wound & Skin Care. “We are very happy to see such a strong and positive rating by a highly respected institution as the NHS. This strong rating of our Biatain® Silicone foam from a clinical perspective is a clear testament to the clinical value and uniqueness of our 3DFit Technology.”

No. 1 in Absorbency and Fluid Capacity Management

In their respective categories Biatain® Silicone was rated number one for ‘Absorbency’ and ‘Total Fluid Capacity Management’, Biatain® Silicone Lite was rated as number one for ‘Moisture Vapour Transfer Rate’ and ‘Fluid Capacity Management’ and Biatain® Non-Adhesive was rated as number one for ‘Moisture Vapour Transfer Rate’ and ‘Total Fluid Capacity Management’.

Geraldine Harkins, UK Group Sales Director, Coloplast Wound Care, commented: “Absorption and total fluid handling are crucial parameters in the performance of a modern foam wound dressing. The dressing must be able to remove excess exudate from the wound while maintaining a moist wound bed and protecting the peri wound skin to achieve optimal wound healing.

“The CET evaluation has independently demonstrated that the Biatain® range of dressings offers clinicians the confidence that Biatain Foams will deliver the best total fluid capacity management on the foam market. Biatain foam dressings also have 3D Fit Technology which means that the foam conforms to the wound bed and reduces the need for fillers regularly used under foam dressing products. This provides an additional clinical benefit above what the CET have assessed.”

The evaluation process is based on extensive engagement with clinical NHS staff including doctors, nurses and midwives.


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