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Evaluation information and resources for Peristeen® users

We have used the feedback of Peristeen users and healthcare professionals to create Peristeen Plus – an upgraded version of Peristeen. Peristeen Plus works in the same way as the Peristeen you know but features an improved dial and symbols on the control unit and connectors which have been upgraded to make the system easier to use.


How to evaluate Peristeen Plus:


Ensure you have received everything you need for your irrigation. Along with Peristeen Plus Evaluation Pack, you should have received a Peristeen Plus system with balloon catheters, an accessory unit with extra balloon catheters and a water bag, and a Peristeen Plus Step by Step Guide.


  • Please read the Peristeen Plus Step by Step Guide before you start the evaluation.
  • Use Peristeen Plus in the same way that you have been using your Peristeen system.
  • Complete the evaluation questionnaire when you have used the system for 2 weeks
  • You may have questions regarding the product or the irrigation procedure, or need other support, especially in the first few weeks. Our support service, Coloplast® Charter will be there for you every step of the way.


View the Peristeen Plus Step by Step Guide 


Complete the evaluation questionnaire here

The same Peristeen you know is now easier to use


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