Forward Together

For 60 years, Coloplast has been improving the lives of people with intimate healthcare needs - but we were never alone on the journey.

Healthcare professionals all over the world share our ambition of better care.
People with intimate healthcare needs are sharing their opinions and dreams.
Local partners are fighting side-by-side for better access to healthcare.
And across all fields of expertise, we are sharing knowledge to reach better outcomes.

So this year, on the occasion of our 60th anniversary, we want to celebrate the power of collaboration across the globe. Why? Because, as we set out to reach new heights in the coming 60 years, we know everything will be even better, when we all go forward together.


Making life easier for the users of our products

Our mission is making life easier for people with intimate healthcare needs. What does that mean for the users of our products?


Working with healthcare professionals

60 years ago, one nurse had an idea that sparked the formation of our company. Today we collaborate with over 850 nurses across 23 different countries. Their invaluable input helps us to determine the best possible solutions for people with intimate healthcare needs.


Developing even more innovative solutions

In R&D, we believe that collaboration is the magic formula. That’s why up to 20 different fields of expertise are involved in each project. We are combining user insights with knowledge of market trends, technical know-how, clinical understanding and design thinking to create the next generation of products and services.

Providing Access to Healthcare

The Access to Healthcare partnership programme is a Coloplast initiative that aims to raise the standard of healthcare in different countries across the globe.



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