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Worries about leakage during intimacy

Feeling insecure about leakage can affect confidence. This may be a challenge during intimacy and make it hard to initiate sexual activity. See below for recommendations.


Brava® Elastic Tape Brava® Elastic Tape

Elastic so it follows your body

The Brava Elastic Tape secures the position of the baseplate and is elastic so it follows your body shape and movements.

Now available in new sizes that fit any shape of appliance or body profile!

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The skin friendly Brava® Elastic Tape is designed to prevent the edges of the baseplate from lifting and keep your baseplate securely in place. It is elastic so if follows you body shape and allows you freedom of movement. This can mean greater security and longer wear time of your appliance.

It is placed on top of the edges of the baseplate and you can use one or two pieces depending on your need.

Secures the position of the baseplate and elastic so it follows your body movements.

Issues with leakage, skin irritation or odour? The Brava Online Tool helps you finding the right solution!

Brava® Protective Seal Brava® Protective Seal

Brava® Protective Seal creates a seal between stoma and baseplate, and is designed to protect against leakage and protect the skin. The seal is also easy to shape, apply and remove.

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The Brava® Protective Seal has a new polymer formulation that is designed to protect against leakage and protect the skin, thereby providing a dual protection. It is easy to shape so it fits snugly around the stoma and can be applied over skin with dips, creases and folds. Removing the protective seal is quick and easy, leaving minimal residue behind.

IMPORTANT! If you have any concerns – such as skin problems or how to use new products – you should always consult your stoma care nurse.

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  • As a general rule you should talk with your doctor to understand of there are any types of sexual activity you should avoid.
  • Firstly, keeping the pouch clean and empty is a good idea. You may want to put a new pouch on beforehand. You can also use a smaller pouch for more discretion.
  • You may wish to switch to a smaller mini-pouch or a closed-end pouch. For those with a colostomy, a small ostomy cap may be preferred. All of these choices are smaller, less bulky and more discreet.
  • Men might consider wearing a tank top that covers the pouch or a cummerbund-type garment to help secure the pouch.
  • If you are a woman, intimate apparel such as a chemise, a corsage or camisole can help you feel more confident as it covers your pouch. Crotch-less underwear might also be an option to provide more support for the ostomy as your body moves.
  • Another product option is a pouch cover which can help you feel more discreet. These come in an array of different colours and materials, or you may even wish to make your own.

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