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It is difficult to make the adhesive stick to the skin when applying

If you are experiencing poor adhesion when applying the adhesive, it is often due to one of three reasons. One reason could be due to residues from the subsequent adhesives creating an uneven skin surface. Another reason could be due to hair growth around the stoma resulting in the adhesive sticking to the hairs rather than the skin. Or, it could be due to moist skin from cleaning or output from the stoma. See below for recommendations.


Brava® Adhesive Remover Brava® Adhesive Remover

Quick and easy removal of adhesives

The adhesive remover that makes a difference

Brava Adhesive Remover lessens the chance of trauma on the skin by allowing easy removal of the baseplate and any leftover residue – without compromising the adhesion of the next product.

Brava Adhesive Remover is available as a spray and also as a convenient wipe.

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Brava® Skin Barrier Brava® Skin Barrier

An invisible friend for the skin

Shields against output and adhesives

Leakage and adhesives can cause a variety of skin problems. Brava Skin Barrier leaves a thin breathable film on the skin that protects against potential damage but does not affect the adhesion of the next baseplate.

Dries in seconds

With Brava Skin Barrier, a new adhesive can be applied almost immediately so no inconvenient delays.


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Brava® Powder Brava® Powder

Absorbs moisture to lessen the risk of skin irritation

As well as causing a great deal of inconvenience and discomfort, skin moisture can also counteract the dry surface necessary for baseplate adhesives to work properly.

Brava Powder absorbs moisture, keeping the skin dry and helping to stop skin irritation.

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IMPORTANT! If you have any concerns – such as skin problems or how to use new products – you should always consult your stoma care nurse.

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  • It is important to ensure an even skin surface to obtain optimal adhesion. Make sure you are following the right application routine by using our Apply-Remove-Check (ARC) tool. 
  • Do not try to remove residue with fingernails or similar as this can cause skin damage. Instead, you may want to use the Brava® Adhesive Remover in the wipe version. 


  • Shave the area regularly so that the hair remains level with the skin, without the feeling of stubble.
  • Avoid shaving foam and other shaving products, and use a clean disposable razor. Alternatively, cut the hair with scissors. 


  • The skin must be completely clean and dry in order to obtain optimal adhesion. Make sure you use a soft material to dap the moist away. You might also use a hair dryer from a suitable distance and not too warm.
  • It can be a challenge to keep the skin dry during application if output is continuously coming out of the stoma. It might help to wrap a little gauze around the stoma while changing to absorb output. 

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