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Moist skin can cause the adhesive to detach from the skin

Adhesives are generally designed to manage moistness. However, extensive moistness from the stoma itself or perspiring may result in adhesive breakdown, ultimately resulting in leakage and skin irritation. See below for recommendations.


Brava® Protective Seal Brava® Protective Seal

Our best seal yet!

Brava® Protective Seal is proven to significantly reduce leakage compared to other seals on the market.*
Leakage and skin irritation are common challenges for people with a stoma. A key cause is poor product fit. Brava protective seals are designed to improve product fit by sealing the gap between the stoma and the baseplate.

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*BPS Leakage Test: Coloplast Lab Report. 2020 (tested against Dansac TRE Seals, Eakin Cohesive Seals, Hollister CeraRings, Salts Mouldable Seals with Aloe, Welland Hyperseals® with Manuka Honey, ConvaTec Stomahesive® Seals). Data on file. VV-028328



Because different people need different fits

Two large seals complete the Brava Protective Seal range


Different people need different fits and needs can change over time as the stoma matures and body shape changes. That's why we've added the two new large seals to complete our Brava Protective Seal range, giving you a choice of 12 seals for varying stoma sizes with different adhesive diameters and thicknesses to choose from.


Large Seals (NEW)

Stoma size/Adhesive diameter

The LARGE Brava Protective Seals have the greatest adhesive area of all our seals. Designed for a secure fit on people with larger, uneven peristomal areas and for those who need a greater area of coverage.

Available in 2.5mm thickness.


Wide Seals

Stoma size/Adhesive diameter

The WIDE Brava Protective Seals have a greater adhesive area tham our regular seals, for a better fit over skin with more challenges such as deeper creases and folds.

Available in 2.5mm and 4.2mm thickness.


Regular Seals

Stoma size/Adhesive diameter

The REGULAR Brava Proective Seals improve fit and protect against leakage on skin with dips, creases and folds.

Available in 2.5mm and 4.2mm thickness.

Brava® Powder Brava® Powder

Absorbs moisture to lessen the risk of skin irritation

As well as causing a great deal of inconvenience and discomfort, skin moisture can also counteract the dry surface necessary for baseplate adhesives to work properly.

Brava Powder absorbs moisture, keeping the skin dry and helping to stop skin irritation.

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IMPORTANT! If you have any concerns – such as skin problems or how to use new products – you should always consult your stoma care nurse.

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  • When having issues with extensive moistness, the frequency with which the adhesive is changed has to be adapted accordingly. Learn what to look out for when changing your adhesive.
  • It may help to use a different adhesive designed to be more durable, such as the SenSura Xpro.
  • If the moistness is due to excessive perspiring, you may wish to speak to your healthcare professional for further guidance as this could be a sign of an underlying condition.

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