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Peristeen® Plus - recommended by NICE

Peristeen Plus Transanal Irrigation

Peristeen Plus bowel irrigation system is the recommended treatment when bowel medication such as laxatives and enemas have failed or is insufficient. This irrigation system minimises the likelihood of involuntary bowel leakage and/or constipation. Peristeen Plus can reduce the severity of constipation and incontinence, improve quality of life and promote dignity and independence, without costing more than standard bowel care.

What is NICE?

NICE is the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence and provides national guidance and advice to improve health and social care -

The NICE Medical Technology Guidance1 states that:

  • Peristeen Plus can provide important clinical benefits in most people with bowel dysfunction, including improving quality of life and promoting independence.

  • Peristeen Plus is suitable for: Adult patients, paediatric patients, neurogenic and functional patients

  • Peristeen Plus is a cost-effective treatment for people with bowel dysfunction; likely to provide additional clinical benefits without costing more than standard bowel care2.

  • Patients may take several weeks to feel comfortable with using Peristeen Plus; the device is most effective when offered with specialist training and structured patient support.

  • This Guidance is based on robust clinical and economic evidence specific to Peristeen only; it is not a multiple technology assessment.

For the full NICE Guidance related to Peristeen Plus, visit the NICE website here

Why Peristeen Plus?

Peristeen Plus is a transanal irrigation device that only requires water. Used every other day, it’s proven to improve quality of life.3

Improved quality of life with Peristeen Plus has demonstrated reductions in patient activity within NHS services3

What does the Peristeen Plus offering consist of?

Proven and effective treatment

Peristeen Plus is a transanal irrigation device that only requires water. Used every other day, it's proven to improve quality of life by:

  • Preventing faecal incontinence or constipation for up to two days.
  • Improving confidence and control; promoting independence.
  • Reducing frequency of UTIs.

Deploying Transanal Irrigation - working with the NICE MTG36 guidance

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) has objectively evaluated the beneficial contribution of transanal irrigation –specifically when implemented through Coloplast’s Peristeen Plus system – and published its recommendations in NICE guidance MTG36.

The brief document below summarises some of the key points from MTG36 and offers other evidential points around the benefits and cost-effectiveness of implementing transanal irrigation with Peristeen Plus.

The adoption support resource provides practical information and advice on the NICE medical technologies guidance on Peristeen transanal irrigation system for managing bowel dysfunction. The information presented in the resource is intended to support the NHS in adopting, evaluating the impact of adopting, or further researching this technology. You can download it by click the button below.

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1. NICE MTG36. Peristeen Plus transanal irrigation system for managing bowel dysfunction. Published 6th June 2022.
3. Emmanuel A, Kumar G, Christensen P, Mealing S, Størling ZM, Andersen F, et al. (2016) Long-Term Cost-Effectiveness of Transanal Irrigation in Patients with Neurogenic Bowel Dysfunction. PLoS ONE 11(8):e0159394.doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0159394


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