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Product description

Easy to handle and easy to use

Physiotulle® Ag does not stick to gloves and scissors when applied. Its thin and flexible structure makes it an ideal contact layer for a broad range of exuding wounds.

Comfort and protection

Physiotulle® Ag does not dry out or stick to wound bed, resulting in an atraumatic removal. Physiotulle® Ag can be used in combination with a broad range of absorbent secondary dressings.

Sustained and controlled silver release

When in contact with wound exudate the dressing absorbs the fluid and silver is released into the wound bed. Silver release is sustained throughout entire wear time (up to 3 days).

Supports faster wound healing

The open weave structure of Physiotulle® Ag allows absorption of wound exudate into a secondary absorbent dressing and the dressing has been shown to reduce ulcer area of infected wounds by 55% in 4 weeks (3,5).

Mode of action

On wound contact, the hydrocolloid particles absorb the exudate and silver is released into the wound bed.


Physiotulle® Ag consists of a knitted polyester net impregnated with carboxymethylcellulose (CMC) particles suspended in petrolatum. It contains silver sulphadiazine which has a broad spectrum of antibacterial effect against both gram positive and negative bacteria including MRSA (4,5).


Physiotulle® Ag is indicated for low- to highly exuding chronic and acute wounds. Physiotulle® Ag can be used to progress wounds with delayed healing due to critical colonisation or where risk of infection. Is safe for use with MRI (2).



1. Humbert et al. Acute and superficial chronic wound management in outpatient care. Impact Medecine 2003;35:10-13.

2. Hanson LG et al. Magnetic resonance imaging safety and compatibility for three silver containing wound dressings. EWMA & ETRS 2005.

3. Jorgensen et al. Effect of a new silver dressing on chronic venous leg ulcers with signs of critical colonisation. Journal of Wound Care 2006; 15(3):97-100.

4. Fox. Archives of Surgery 1968; 96:184-88.

5. Hamilton-Miller et al. Chemotherapy 1993;39(6):405-9.


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Physiotulle® - A hydrocolloid based non-adherent wound contact layer. Easy to handle and easy to use. Comfort and protection.  Supports faster wound healing (1).


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