Online Non Prescription Ordering Service

ONPOS is the leading non-prescription ordering service. Coloplast has over 10 years’ experience of implementing this system and over 33 trusts are currently realising the benefits it provides across the UK.

An online ordering service which allows your organisation to purchase formulary product, from a chosen supply route without prescription or paperwork.

By looking at how clinicians currently access dressings and where the inefficiencies occur, Coloplast has developed the ONPOS system to support an effective redesign of a wound care service.

Simple to use ONPOS has benefits for the Patient and NHS.

These benefits include:

For the Patient

  • Patients are given the appropriate dressing from the formulary leading to better patient outcomes and faster wound healing
  • Stock is always available so the patient can get the appropriate dressing as soon as possible

For NHS Resources

  • Improved efficiency as no waiting for GP’s to sign scripts
  • Reduction in nursing time spent collecting dressings
  • 100% formulary compliance opportunity through ONPOS

For NHS Costs

  • Dressings are owned by the NHS organisation, not the patient, minimising wastage
  • Real time reporting of product usage against budget, allowing for management control

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For information and enquires about ONPOS please email, or phone 01733 392000


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