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Coloplast is one of the world's leading suppliers of intimate healthcare products.

Our story started back in 1954. Nurse Elise Sørensen was concerned by the dramatic change in her sister’s lifestyle following an ostomy operation. Thora no longer dared to go out, fearing that her stoma would leak in public. Elise was determined to help her sister out of her isolation. 

She came up with the idea of an ostomy bag with an adhesive ring, which would make it fit tightly to the skin. This would prevent leakage and give her sister – and thousands of people like her – the chance to return to their normal life. A simple solution with great significance

Today, we are guided by Elise's passion and commitment. Like her, we work closely with people who have intimate healthcare needs. We listen to their needs and respond with products and services that make their lives easier. Read more about us

Ostomy Care

No matter what type of ostomy you have, all the output from the stoma must be collected in a secure and convenient way. That’s where your ostomy pouch comes in. These are designed to adhere to the skin on your abdomen around your stoma and collect the output. Our SenSura® ostomy portfolio offers a range of innovative pouches that make ostomates feel secure and confident. Our wide selection also ensures that there is a product to meet individual needs and body shapes. Not only that, but our Brava® range of supporting products are designed to reduce leakage and take care of your skin.


Male bladder incontinence is often treated using absorbent products such as pads and pants. Alternative and discreet solutions such as Conveen® sheaths and urine bags have proven to improve quality of life compared to absorbent products. The most important thing to remember before trying sheaths and urine bags is to find the product combination which best suits your lifestyle.

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