A Mexican jungle and scuba adventure with a stoma

Back in June 2022 I underwent my first ever surgery, and it was a big one at that, a subtotal colectomy and end ileostomy to help improve my quality of life from my Crohn’s Disease. Needless to say it took some time to fully adjust to my new way of life. The almost instant relief from my IBD symptoms was fantastic and I was fortunate to adjust to day to day stoma life quite quickly developing a healthy body image. However there were things that took me a little longer to adjust to such as eating a healthy and stoma friendly diet and feeling confident enough to travel away from my home for longer periods of time. 

So when the time approached to decide whether I was actually going to go on the school trip I had planned nearly a year before my surgery took place, I was nervous to say the least. The trip a two week scientific research adventure to the Mexican jungle where I would be sleeping in a tent, have no choice over what I ate and be learning to scuba dive on a Mexican coral reef was bound to be the trip of a lifetime for a former ecologist and now biology teacher.


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