When can Brava Protective Seal help?

No two people face precisely the same stoma challenges. Individual body shapes vary greatly and the shape of the stoma and the contours of the skin area around it will affect product performance. So too will lifestyle, weather, movement and sweat. Brava Protective Seal can help with these challenges.


stoma area

Baseplate adhesive

breaks down


stoma shape


Distinct creases 

and deep folds


How does it make a difference?

Choose regular or wide seals to fit your needs

What's right for you?

The Brava Protective Seal is part of the range of Brava supporting products that can be used for customising product fit and solving common issues such as stoma leakage and irritated skin.

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Unfortunately, the Brava Protective Seal is currently unavailable to order in the Republic of Ireland.


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