Coloplast is exhibiting at Naidex45!


At Coloplast, our mission is to make life easier for people with intimate healthcare needs, which is why we are thrilled to be exhibiting our latest innovations within stoma care and continence care at Naidex45.

For over 60 years, we have been working alongside healthcare professionals to understand the needs of the people who use our products, and we respond to their needs with our products and services.

Visit us at stand N8052!

Stoma care

Stoma care

We believe that having a stoma should not stop you doing the things you want to do. We also know that people are very different, from the activities they take part in, to the way their stoma is formed and how their body shape changes over time. To make life easier for people living with a stoma, we listen carefully to users and healthcare professionals, to improve existing products and develop new ones that make a real difference in their lives. Read more about our approach to stoma care

The knowledge that no two bodies are the same is at the core of our thinking and drives us on in our quest to design and develop solutions that can fit securely and comfortably to any body shape. We call this human-centric innovation.

Human bodies share the same basic form but vary infinitely in terms of size and shape. What’s more, bodies don’t remain constant. We lose weight, or put it on. Our stomachs can bloat, our muscles contract. We move around, often vigorously. For some people, there are also hernias and scarring to consider.

The challenge is made all the more pressing by the knowledge that appliances that don’t fit securely to the body are a major cause of leakage – often the wearer’s biggest concern. By taking our starting point in people’s needs, Coloplast has set out on a journey to develop products that deliver a close fit to the peristomal area.

Bladder & bowel

Bladder & bowel

Our continence product range addresses two types of issues: not being able to empty the bladder or bowel, and leakage of urine and faeces. When researching and developing new concepts, we aim to create products that are easy to carry, apply and remove. The design must be as discreet as possible – with intuitive handling, minimal noise and odour – so that consumers feel at ease, no matter where they are and what they are doing. Learn more about our approach to continence care

There are many different reasons why you, or someone close to you, may need to pay special attention to managing your bladder and/or bowels. We have a range of products designed to help people deal with a number of different continence issues. Be it an overactive bladder, bowel incontinence or constipation, we supply solutions which will make the management of your symptoms easier and more convenient.

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The things we take for granted

Sharing a user perspective on the consequences of bladder, bowel and sexual issues following a Spinal Cord Injury – Jason Gunn looks at his experiences with these issues.

Jason Gunn is a C4 Incomplete injury after suffering a spinal stroke in 2007 and further damage in January 2013. Jason worked as a secondary school teacher for 18 years as Assistant Head teacher until 2013 due to medical retirement.

Jason’s stroke in 2007, had a devastating impact on his life and family and through hard work, determination and problem solving he overcame a wide range of obstacles and in doing so returned to work, able to walk with support for 6 years. The second injury had more extensive damage which caused further complications and thus is now a fulltime wheelchair user.

Jason now volunteers as Peer Supporter at the NSIC, working with other SCI patients drawing upon lived experience and help others gain skills for lifelong independence. He also volunteers working with disabled adults and as a Partnership In Experience Member for Oxford University Psychology PHD Students teaching department.


Watch Jason's presentation on Tuesday at 13:15 - 13:45 in Theatre 3.

Coloplast Charter

We know that it isn’t easy living with intimate healthcare needs. Whether you are living with a stoma or performing ISC there are sometimes more challenges to overcome than just how to get hold of your products. We know that it isn’t easy living with intimate healthcare needs. Whether you are living with a stoma or performing ISC there are sometimes more challenges to overcome than just how to get hold of your products.

CQC-registered Telehealth service

As part of our commitment to provide appropriate care, we have been successful in extending our Coloplast Nursing CQC registration to include our Telehealth services. These Telehealth specialists are experienced in providing product and lifestyle advice to patients with intimate healthcare needs. There are robust processes in place to monitor the non-clinical advice they provide, with clear escalations back to your services when needed.

Some of our Telehealth team will be at our stand at Naidex so be sure to stop by and ask them some questions if you have any concerns!


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