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The prevalence of erectile dysfunction is increasing among men meaning more patients may be seeking a long-term solution.

Inflatable penile prosthesis (IPP) surgery is a big step, and both you and your patient want to make sure it goes smoothly and meets expectations for a satisfying outcome. Complex patient populations can result in a higher likelihood of complications which means as a physician you have a lot to consider when choosing the right implant for your patient.

Operating room considerations


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of IPP patients are diabetic, which can almost double the risk of infection.1,2

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 of IPP patients had previous pelvic surgery/trauma which may lead to a higher risk of penile shortening and could require special considerations for reservoir placement.1,4,5

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 of IPP patients had Peyronie’s disease, increasing risk of device malfunction and penile shortening—reducing functionality and post-op satisfaction rates by 7%.1,3,5

Titan IPP performance in the operating room

Technology that’s designed and engineered for performance

Titan® Touch Features

Built for durability

Bioflex* cylinders ensure a more rigid erection and can withstand the pressures needed for manual modeling. In fact, it's the only IPP with FDA approval for manual modeling in the presence of Peyronie's disease.

Ease of implantation

Hydrophilic coating increases lubricity for ease of cvlinder placement: zero-degree angle tubing means minimal dilation required to insert the proximal end of the cylinders.

Flexible placement options

The cloverleaf reservoir is the only product FDA-approved for both space of Retzius and submuscular reservoir placement.

Lock-out valve

Keeps the patient in control by preventing the embarrassment of unintended auto-inflation.

Soft-molded tips

For a more natural feel that more human closely resemble corporal tip.

Titan® Touch, New Generation

You asked, we listened, and now there’s something new in the inflatable penile prosthesis (IPP) market. Titan Touch has an innovative new design so it’s easy to use with the durability and performance you and your patients expect. Our commitment to innovation in men’s health means we use your input to help us design products that help patients get the most out of their lives.

Innovation that powers performance

Same Bioflex cylinders for unmatched girth and rigidity

Unique, proprietary material engineered specifically for penile implant cylinders, unlike generic silicone material used in other prosthetic devices.

Performance that satisfies so your patients can rediscover their confidence and get back to a healthy sex life


More girth11


Maximizing girth may lead to increased partner stimulation and satisfaction.


More rigid12


Increased rigidity reduces the chance of buckling during sex.


More durable13


Enhanced penetration performance for more confidence in a variety of sexual positions so patients can feel uninhibited.

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