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21 Sep 2011
Times columnist: recovering from spinal cord injury

Times columnist: recovering from spinal cord injury

“I’m really just playing the slowest game in the world,” says Melanie Reid, a Times Magazine columnist, who suffered spinal cord injury last year. Peristeen has helped her become independent on the bowel front, she says.

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Last year, Melanie Reid fell from a horse and broke her neck. In her Times Magazine column on 10 September 2011, she gives an account of her recovery process.

“This is a far lengthier and more arduous task than anyone ever dared tell me, because spinal cord, once damaged, will always be damaged.”

Melanie is still totally dependent on her wheelchair even though she has regained some movement and sensation in parts of her body.

Reclaiming independence
Having spinal cord injury brings about many challenges and bowel issues are a common concern. 

But Melanie has found a solution that works.

“In terms of personal care, I am fully independent on the bowel front, which is a miracle actually, given my level of injury, and is entirely down to the support of my district nurse Helen and a clever system called Peristeen. 

“I no longer live in dread of a bowel meltdown,” Melanie says.

For more information on Peristeen click here.

1 Feb 2011

Coloplast shares life changing plans with staff

Coloplast has earned a reputation for developing products that customers describe as “life-changing”.

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Staff at the Peterborough-based company know they can each play a part in helping to make a difference for people with specific health needs so considerable emphasis is placed on ensuring that everyone is up to speed with progress and product initiatives.

The company has just launched a major new product – SpeediCath Compact Male – a revolutionary new catheter design for men which is easy to use, compact and very discreet.

The new design was unveiled to staff during pre-launch briefings at their offices in Peterborough. Employees from across the company were invited to a free lunch to hear first-hand about the benefits and significance of what Coloplast sees as a major step forward in intimate healthcare for men.

Product managers explained how the new catheter will make life significantly easier for male customers.

Apart from providing staff with a clear understanding of the main features, the pre-launch demonstrations have also ensured that all Coloplast employees will be able to explain the main features and benefits to customers, users and other interested parties.

Both the briefing and the special lunch were appreciated by staff. “This is an excellent initiative from the company,” said IT business relationship manager Jens Lanng Nielsen. “It’s important that people in all areas of the business know about our products and how they can help our customers.
“The product launch for staff is an excellent idea. It helps to involve people working in all areas of the company.”
Doreen Scothern, accounts payable supervisor, said that sharing information with staff would motivate people and make them feel more involved.

“People like to be involved and Coloplast is very good at doing this. We know what our sales team are doing and what our customers are using. It’s very enlightening,” said Doreen, who was Coloplast employee of the year in 2009.

Karl Otto, IT Siebel systems administrator, thought that combining the product launch with a meal was a great idea. “It’s really helpful to see products like this up close and to be shown the main features and benefits,” he said.

Jane Fox, senior marketing manager, said the new product could have the same positive impact on men as a similar appliance for women when that was introduced in 2003.

“That has helped to change the lives for so many women. Now the results from pre-evaluation groups indicate the impact will be the same again with men.”

The male catheter fits into a jacket or trouser pocket and can be used discreetly anywhere and at any time. Launched on 1 February, it is a prescription-only product available from GPs and nurses.

“This revolutionises the offer to men with specific intimate healthcare needs,” said Jane. “It provides peace of mind and until now there has been nothing like it on the market. All our staff are excited about this.

“Everyone who has seen this – people working in finance, HR, in our warehouse and in customer care – have been very impressed. We’ve given them the ‘Wow’ factor and they’ve said how proud they feel to be working at Coloplast.”

4 Jan 2011

Coloplast receives accreditation for a decade of investing in its staff

Coloplast has been reaccredited as an Investor in People for the tenth year, demonstrating its commitment to continuous business improvement through the development of its staff.

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Investors in People (www.investorsinpeople.co.uk) is a tool for helping businesses improve performance by successfully managing and developing their staff. It sets criteria that companies must meet in order to be accredited. These include demonstrating that learning and development is planned, equal opportunities are given to employees, managers effectively lead people and improvements are continually made to the way people are managed. 

Standards and performance are independently monitored by the government’s UK Commission for Employment and Skills. 

To be recognised as an Investor in People Coloplast had to produce evidence that it met 39 separate requirements. As part of the rigorous assessment Coloplast staff were interviewed at random to check the company’s performance and to rate the overall satisfaction of people working for the company.

Coloplast’s human resources director Sam Sedwill commented: “We are delighted to have been reaccredited with the Investors in People Standard. To have achieved the standard for ten years is a fantastic accomplishment. 

“Employee satisfaction is at the heart of what we do. To have been awarded the accreditation through first-hand interviews with our staff shows that they appreciate the investment we make in them. 

“We are continuously looking for ways we can improve performance and the latest Investors in People assessment has helped us to set new targets that we will work towards.” 


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