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12 Dec 2012
WheelMate™ wins the heart of users and gets international recognition

WheelMate™ wins the heart of users and gets international recognition

WheelMate, a Coloplast service that helps wheelchair users find accessible toilets and parking, was recently awarded a shared first place and a Finalist Certificate in the Global Awards, an international advertisement competition.

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On 6 December 2012, Coloplast’s WheelMate service won a shared first place for “Communication to the Consumer - Social Commitment” in the category “Mobile Media” and received a Finalist Certificate at the Global Awards in New York.

WheelMate enables people to find and share information about wheelchair friendly toilets and accessible parking spaces. It’s available as a free smartphone app foriPhone and Android and also has a webpage.

“We developed WheelMate as a service for people who rely on accessible toilets every day, but who often have a very difficult time finding them when out and about, says Kevin J. Robinson, Vice President of Coloplast Continence Care. 

“We are very proud of the recognition from the Global Awards. Still, the real measure of success is the strong recognition we are getting from the users. WheelMate really helps them to plan their trips outside of home and get on with living – and that is the best compliment we can get.”

User involvement a key ingredient
WheelMate is an example of how new technology can make a big difference by addressing the specific needs of people.

“We strive to make life easier for people with intimate healthcare issues, in every way we can. So, in addition to our innovative products, we also offer services that address their needs. That’s why we’ve developed this app for the wheelchair community, for them to create and develop their own database of accessible toilets and parking,” Kevin J. Robinson.

More than 7,600 people have downloaded the WheelMate app and the service now contains over 31,000 accessible toilet and parking locations globally.



The number of accessible toilets and parking spaces per country (approximate numbers; 11 December 2012):

  • Austria 7,200
  • UK: 6,400
  • Germany: 3,400
  • Belgium: 3,400
  • USA: 3,300
  • Spain: 2,600

All people who need to use handicap toilets can use WheelMate ­­– no matter what disability they may have. Also healthcare professionals, personal helpers or family may find it helpful. It’s available in all countries, so you share information wherever you are.

Coloplast worked together with the advertisement agency Advance to develop WheelMate.


The Global Awards


The Global Awards are the only advertising awards dedicated to excellence in healthcare communications on an international basis. The competition receives entries from healthcare corporations, hospitals and education groups as well as from advertising agencies, design studios and production companies.

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11 Sep 2012
Charter Healthcare Nurse crowned Nurse of the Year two years running

Charter Healthcare Nurse crowned Nurse of the Year two years running

Last year Claire Lowther, a Charter Healthcare clinical nurse specialist for Coloplast, was ‘amazed’ to have been voted ‘Stoma Nurse of the Year’ – and now says she is incredibly touched to have won the title for the second year running.

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Every year Ostomy Lifestyle, a UK charity which provides support, advice and information to anyone affected by surgery on their bowel or bladder, asks patients to nominate someone they feel is worthy of the title Nurse of the Year. Patients and healthcare professionals are then able to vote on the shortlisted candidates.

Claire was one of ten nurses nominated for the award, which calls for a nurse who gives outstanding individual attention, responds well to the needs of patients’ families, demonstrates professional excellence and furthers the field of stoma care.

Wendy Osborne, Claire’s manager at Coloplast, said: “A pivotal part of Claire’s job is to facilitate patients’ adjustment to life with a stoma, but she regularly goes above and beyond the call of duty. The trust and respect she builds with her patients is remarkable and they know that she is there for them every step of the way. Claire regularly attends the voluntary patient stoma support meetings where she is able to offer additional advice on any issues patients are having and provides on-going support.”

Claire said: “I’m touched that my patients think highly enough of me to put me forward for the award for the second time. For them to say ‘we still think you’re the best’ is the best credit a nurse could ask for. 

“The nomination statements were humbling to read – they appreciate the time I put into attending support groups and feel that I am their friend as well as their nurse. I often take my family along to support group functions so my patients get to know me outside of my ‘official’ role as their stoma nurse, so it’s much more of a personal relationship – I love my job and that makes it even more enjoyable.”

Claire has recently graduated with a BSc in professional practice, health and social care, which she says she has learnt a great deal from and is putting into practice every day. Coloplast funded the degree as part of its recognised qualifications training scheme, which supports members of staff through qualifications that they may not otherwise be able to study for.

Claire added: “Coloplast funding the degree meant I didn’t have to worry about the financial side of it. They gave me study days when I needed them and were very supportive. The patients will definitely benefit from me taking the course and I feel much more knowledgeable, which is a great confidence boost too.”

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6 Aug 2012
Coloplast teams up with NHS for unique training event

Coloplast teams up with NHS for unique training event

Coloplast recently held a unique training event which saw around 80 members of Coloplast staff spending time with NHS staff, to learn about current changes in the NHS.

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Coloplast is dedicated to the training and development of its staff and works closely with the NHS. With the structure of the NHS changing, Coloplast felt it was important to keep staff informed, to ensure they are fully aware of how the changes affect them and their customers now and in the future. 

Coloplast’s UK training manager, Wendy Lister, was involved in organising the two-day training event and said it has given Coloplast a better understanding of the changes taking place within the NHS. Wendy explains: “We all hear so much about the changes within the NHS: we hear things on the news, read about it in magazines, but there was lots of uncertainty about how it would affect the way we work.

“Over the two days we were able to talk to three NHS employees – a chief pharmacist, a team lead in a community-based continence service and the deputy director of nursing in a large NHS trust. We learnt so much about the changes, about why they are needed and how the NHS will look at the end of it. Knowing how the changes will affect different people in different ways really helped to put it all in context. It has given us a much clearer understanding of how best we can change our ways of working to ensure that the patient still receives the best possible level of care.”

Sam Sedwill, HR director at Coloplast, commented: “Like most businesses, when we’re planning staff training we look at how the company will benefit, and how that benefit translates to the customer. The NHS training event was entirely about the customer. Their wellbeing is at the heart of everything we do and staff were concerned about how we could continue to support them without knowing what the future of the NHS held for them. The success of the NHS training event is testament to the dedication of our staff and their concern for their customers’ wellbeing.”

Speaking to staff after the event, it was clear that the training was both informative and appreciated. One Coloplast employee said it had provided “an excellent insight into the future structure of the NHS and how Coloplast can work with the changes to meet customers’ needs”. Another commented that “lots of changes are happening which will affect Coloplast customers. We need to be aware of this and how best we can support them”.

Through closeness to the customer, Coloplast staff better understand their needs and are able to work towards delivering the perfect customer experience. Thanks to the NHS training event, Coloplast staff can ensure that they adapt alongside the NHS changes, helping their customers to remain secure and confident in the service that Coloplast provides.

The event was part of a two-day training course which formed part of Coloplast’s Olympic-themed training programme. In the past year, former Olympians including Steve Backley, Roger Black and Sally Gunnell have worked with Coloplast to help employees bring Olympic performance into the workplace. This latest training event continued the theme, with excitement building in the run-up the Olympics.

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10 Jul 2012
Coloplast steps up support for Matt Hampson Foundation following team Walk4Matt

Coloplast steps up support for Matt Hampson Foundation following team Walk4Matt

Seven Coloplast employees have completed a challenging seven-day, 110 mile team walk along a canal towpath as part of the Walk4Matt, to raise money for the Matt Hampson Foundation.

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Coloplast is now looking for other ways to help support the foundation. The Walk4Matt is one of the foundation’s main fund-raising events each year and sees teams travel by foot and narrowboat from Rugby to Twickenham. By night the teams sleep in a narrowboat and by day some walk the towpath while others drive the boats and navigate the locks. Coloplast raised an impressive £7,000 for the foundation through taking part in the Walk4Matt.

One of the walkers was Rachael Dawson, marketing events manager at Coloplast. She said: “It was a much harder challenge than we expected but it was a fantastic experience. We met some great people. Everyone was there for the same reason, to help and support the Matt Hampson Foundation, so there was a real camaraderie among the walkers.”

The foundation was launched by former English rugby union prop Matt Hampson after his neck was dislocated when a scrum collapsed on top of him leaving him paralysed from the neck down and unable to breathe without a ventilator. Through the Matt Hampson Foundation, he now dedicates his time to inspiring and supporting young people who are seriously injured through sport. 

Coloplast is eager to explore further opportunities to work with and support the foundation to raise funds and awareness. A charity auction evening is planned to take place in Peterborough in August on behalf of the foundation. Anyone who would like further details or to help support the evening is invited to contact Rachael Dawson at

Roy Jackson, chairman of the Matt Hampson Foundation, said: “Coloplast supporting the foundation is like a match made in heaven. We have similar goals, a shared passion and can help and support each other along the way. We are looking forward to working with them for years to come.”

Sue Kernahan, Coloplast’s general manager, explained: “We are so excited about working with the Matt Hampson Foundation. Matt is an inspiration, he shares our passion for improving life for people with intimate healthcare needs. Because of his situation, he is able to support us and spread the word about the work we are doing at Coloplast, specifically with Peristeen, which is life changing for many spinal injured people. It’s an honour for us to support him in return and help him with the amazing work he does with the foundation.”

To find out more about the Walk4Matt story, visit

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30 Apr 2012

Patients rank Coloplast as the best company

In a new global study, patients say that Coloplast has the best customer focus, the most useful products and the strongest patient safety. The study places Coloplast in front of competitors such as Smith & Nephew and Johnson & Johnson.

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In a study covering 18 leading medical device companies, patients rate Coloplast as no. 1 in six different areas. The study was done by PatientView, an independent healthcare consultancy, and is based on feedback from 300 patient groups from 42 countries worldwide.


The study looked at the corporate reputation of the medical device industry as a whole, and of 18 individual medical device companies. It used six indicators to measure each company’s performance: 

  • Whether the company has an effective patient-centred strategy
  • The quality of the information that the company provides to patients
  • The company’s record on patient safety
  • The usefulness of the company’s products to patients
  • The company’s record of transparency with external healthcare stakeholders
  • Whether the company acts with integrity

Coloplast ranked first in all six of the study’s indicators.


Strong customer focus key to success

Coloplast makes products and services for people with very personal and private medical conditions – the company calls this “intimate healthcare”. The business areas include ostomy care, continence care, urology as well as wound and skin care.


Nicolas Nemery, Senior Vice President at Coloplast, believes the study results reflect Coloplast’s strong customer focus.

“We care for our customers and want to make a real difference to their lives – and this study tells me that they appreciate it”, Nicolas Nemery says. 


“Most of our customers have had serious accidents or diseases, and we want to help them regain full and meaningful lives. By designing products that work, are easy to use and don’t look like medical products, we hope to remove the problems and stigma that many of our customers live with – and we can only do this by listening to their needs and engaging them in our product innovation, so it is great to see that they like to engage with us.” 



Final ranking for the top 6 companies 


Med device
  II   III   IV   V   VI Total
Coloplast A/S 1 1 1 1 1 1 6 1st
Medtronic, Inc 3 2 2 2 2 2 13 2nd
Smith & Nephew 5 3 4 6 4 6 28 3rd
Roche Diagnostics 2 4 9 6 3 5 29 4th
Abbott 5 8 6 8 5 3 35 =5th
Johnson & Johnson 4 4 8 5 7 7 35 =5th

 Table: PatientView, April 2012

PatientView’s study looked at 18 companies:


 • Abbott

• Baxter International

• B. Braun Melsungen AG

• Becton, Dickinson and Company (BD)

• Boston Scientific

• Coloplast A/S

• Fresenius Medical Care (FMC)

• GE Healthcare

• Johnson & Johnson

• Medtronic, Inc

• Olympus Medical Systems Business

• Philips Healthcare

• Roche Diagnostics

• Siemens Healthcare

• Smith & Nephew

• St. Jude Medical, Inc

• Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation

• 3M Health Care


The patient groups questioned represent a minimum of 1.5 million patients and cover a wide range of fields such as neurology, cancer, diabetes and mental health. The majority (23%) are based in the UK, 13% in the US, 8% in Germany, and 5% in Belgium and Canada – most other countries are also represented. The study was carried out from mid-February to late-March 2012.

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12 Apr 2012
Coloplast praised by customers for faultless service

Coloplast praised by customers for faultless service

Coloplast goes out of its way to make a positive difference for its customers and product users. Who says so? The customers themselves!

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Coloplast has a reputation for developing products that customers describe as “life-changing”. Staff know they can have a big impact on the well-being of people with intimate healthcare issues – and no effort is spared in helping to make product users’ lives as easy as possible.

Managers and staff are keen to learn more about people who use their products and to hear how the services they provide can be improved even further.

To further strengthen relationships with customers, Coloplast organised an ostomy care open day at its offices in Lynch Wood, Peterborough for product users to meet staff, chat with stoma care nurses, see some of the latest products and to have lunch with other customers and members of the Ostomy Care team.

The company’s ostomy bags are used by people that have a stoma - an opening of the digestive system onto the abdomen created during surgery to treat various bowel disorders, including cancer. Ostomy bags are used to collect the bowel output and Coloplast customises its ostomy bags ensuring a secure fit for every customer.

More than 200 product users from Huntingdon, Whittlesey, Spalding, Stamford, Cambridge, St Ives and the Peterborough area attended the open day. They met some of the staff they talk to regularly on the phone, as well as stoma care nurses and ostomy support group representatives who also supported the ‘get-to-know-you-better’ initiative.

Guests were shown round the Coloplast offices and met the customer care team which handles all calls from product users and healthcare professionals, including GPs and nursing staff. Team members deal with product orders, organise deliveries, handle customer enquiries and process new registrations.

Customer care team leader Laura Brooker explained the telephone response system which ensures that all calls are answered quickly and in sequence. She said: “We want to ensure that we answer calls as soon as possible.”

Laura found it extremely useful to meet many of their customers. “People sometimes people find it off-putting to place an order or to talk about a sensitive issue with someone they do not know so it is nice to put a friendly face to the voice on the end of the phone.

“By seeing how we operate and meeting some of the people here, customers can see we are genuinely committed to them and really do want to listen, help them and do everything possible to make a positive difference to their lives and lifestyles.”

Customer care manager Vince Quarrizzo said all members of the team are highly motivated and committed. “They work hard to deliver a perfect customer experience at all times.” 

Customers welcomed the opportunity to look behind the scenes and meet frontline staff.

Product user Garry Beech, from Stilton, is an offender manager with the city’s Probation Service and a Coloplast customer for 10 years. He welcomed the open day invitation and was quick to praise the can’t-do-enough approach of staff towards customers.

“The level of help and guidance is first-class,” said Garry. “I need a healthcare provider that offers the best service – and I have that with Coloplast. I really can’t fault them on their service and customer care.

“As customers of specific healthcare products we need products and a level of service that we can rely on and that’s what I get here. Staff always want to help and that means they provide the best service.”
Brian Maliphant, from Wainfleet, near Boston, has used Coloplast products for eight years. He thought it was an excellent move to invite customers to spend time with the ostomy care team.

“I usually call once a month to order what I need. Everyone is always so helpful; I couldn’t ask for any more,” said Brian who was delighted to see and learn about other products. “It has been excellent; I’m so pleased I came.”

Edward Evennett from Chatteris has experienced what he describes as “brilliant service” from Coloplast for nine years. 

“The attitude of the people here is brilliant and their service cannot be faulted. Staff can’t do enough for you. When you order products you know they will arrive the following day. You can’t beat a company that is so reliable.”

He also praised the support, care and attention provided by the stoma care clinical nursing specialists.

Stanley Norman from St Ives has used Coloplast products for eight years and said he couldn’t wish for better service. “These people really do want to help you and it has been good to visit them and meet several of them face to face,” he said. “They are a credit to their company.”

Representatives from two patients associations also attended. Jo Lee, treasurer of the Peterborough and Wisbech branch of the Ileostomy Association, and Heather Connor, founder of the Ostomistics Support Group for the Peterborough region, emphasised the importance of the support provided by their voluntary organisations.

Coloplast marketing events manager Rachael Dawson said: “People here want to help and to make a difference to anyone who uses our products. We want to keep improving our service so feedback from customers is vital to help us do that. It’s also good for them to get to know us better.” 

Alex Wilson, senior territory manager in Coloplast Ostomy Care, said: “It was a great opportunity for product users to visit us, meet the care team and hear how the company operates and supports them.

“We opened our doors to our customers and we’re delighted that so many took the opportunity to visit and meet us to find out more about our products and services. This has helped us to build and further strengthen our relationships with customers. 

“It has also given us the chance to say ‘thank you’ to these people for their interest and for telling us how they feel about us as a provider of products that are essential for them.

“Keeping close to our customers is important to support them and for us because it helps Coloplast to provide gold standard products and gold standard services.” 

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2 Apr 2012
Coloplast has a reputation for developing products that customers describe as “life-changing”. Staff know they can have a big impact on the well-being of people with intimate healthcare issues – and no effort is spared in helping to make product users’ li

Coloplast has a reputation for developing products that customers describe as “life-changing”. Staff know they can have a big impact on the well-being of people with intimate healthcare issues – and no effort is spared in helping to make product users’ li

The achievements of 22 members of staff at Coloplast’s distribution centre have marked the start of a series of training programmes, as more staff are keen to follow in their footsteps.

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Coloplast has supported 22 members of its distribution team through their Level 2 NVQ in warehousing and storage. The training – which Coloplast encouraged staff to take at their own pace, without pressure to complete in a given time frame – has given the team more confidence in their roles. 

Arif Karim, Coloplast’s distribution centre manager, is very proud of the team and of what they have achieved. He explained: “I already knew my team was good; I benchmark them against both internal and external standards and so I knew they were working well and doing their jobs properly. By supporting them through the NVQ we wanted to build their confidence and strengthen their skills.

“As a result of the course the team now functions more smoothly, is more highly skilled and they have aspirations for moving up within the company. We believe in preparing our staff for their current and future roles, so it’s great to see that the training has given them the confidence to look to what they want to do next. Some of the team have already shown an interest in studying the NVQ at Level 3, while new staff have now signed up for Level 2.”

HR director Sam Sedwill commented: “We were delighted by the response from the distribution team when we offered to support them through the NVQ. The feedback from the training provider has been excellent and we are very proud of what they have achieved. Initially this was a one-off training programme but it has been such a success that we are going to continue to offer this level of support.”

Coloplast worked with training provider Intec Business Colleges and, following the success of the NVQ training, will continue to work with it on future training programmes.

Ruth Dix, contracts manager for Intec Business Colleges, said: “The programme was a huge success with employees successfully achieving their qualifications. All staff involved showed a huge deal of commitment to the programme and produced a variety of evidence for their assessment, showcasing their own individual range of competence and skills. Intec Business Colleges looks forward to continuing to supporting Coloplast in its training and development programme.”

Sam Sedwill added: “It is vital that all staff realise the importance of their individual contribution and the work of their team. As well as leading to a more highly skilled distribution team, the NVQ training also gave them a better understanding of how the company works. This motivates them and enables them to build their future within Coloplast.”

Coloplast is also providing English lessons for more than a dozen members of its distribution team for whom English is a second language. The 12-week course is being entirely funded by the company.


If you want to join a company that is recognised in the Sunday Times Top 100 best companies to work for, invests in training and has been awarded the Evening Telegraph Business Award for People Development, visit

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12 Mar 2012
Sunday Times names Coloplast one of the UK's Top 100 medium-sized companies

Sunday Times names Coloplast one of the UK's Top 100 medium-sized companies

Coloplast has once again been named by the Sunday Times as one of the top 100 medium-sized companies to work for in the UK.

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The national newspaper found that few companies make more of a difference to the world than Coloplast, with 85 per cent of its 330 staff answering a question about this positively. The newspaper went on to say that 81 per cent of staff are proud to work there. 

More than 1,000 organisations registered to take part in this year’s awards process, with nearly 250,000 employees giving their opinions on their employers and places of work. 

As part of the awards process, Coloplast staff were asked to give their views on eight key areas of their relationship with the company. These included leadership (how employees feel about the head of the company and its senior managers), wellbeing (how staff feel about the stress, pressure and the balance between their work and home duties), personal growth (to what extent staff feel they are stretched and challenged by their job) and the company (feelings about the company people work for as opposed to the people they work with).

Coloplast general manager, Sue Kernahan, is proud that the results reflect the ethos of the company. Sue explained: “At Coloplast we pride ourselves on listening and responding not only to our customers but also to our people. It’s a great boost knowing that 79 per cent of staff feel they can make a difference in the organisation and that 80 per cent feel they make a valuable contribution to its success. We value the opinions of every member of Coloplast staff and it is wonderful to see that reflected in the results.”

Upon hearing that 74 per cent of staff said that they love working for Coloplast, HR director Sam Sedwill commented: “It’s such a boost, knowing that our staff love working here. In the last year we have implemented a new wellbeing policy, refurbished our in-office restaurant, introduced a flexible benefits package, improved our company car policy and invested heavily in learning and development, all as part of our commitment to making Coloplast a great place to work. 
“To have an external company come in and, as a result of talking to our staff, name us as one of the UK’s top 100 companies to work for is an amazing achievement.”

Coloplast was presented with the prestigious Sunday Times Best Companies to Work For 2012 award at a glittering ceremony in London where they celebrated alongside other winners including multi-national companies and public sector organisations. Ten staff from various areas of the business attended the event, staying overnight in a London hotel after the Oscar-style awards presentation dinner.

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9 Feb 2012
Former UK rugby player Matt Hampson thanks Coloplast and talks on how Peristeen has changed his life

Former UK rugby player Matt Hampson thanks Coloplast and talks on how Peristeen has changed his life

Former English rugby union prop Matt ‘Hambo’ Hampson has spent a day at Coloplast’s UK office talking to staff about how Peristeen has changed his life nearly seven years after he became paralysed from the neck down.

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The accident
In 2005, Matt was training for an under 21 Six Nations match against Scotland when a scrum collapsed on top of him, dislocating his neck and severing his spinal cord.

Seven years on and Matt is still discovering new ways of doing things and new products that can improve his day to day life.

Peristeen makes Matts life easier
Matt explains: “People take going to the toilet for granted. Nobody talks about it but we all do it. Thanks to Peristeen I am back in control of my bowels for the first time in nearly seven years. It has taken hours off my morning routine. I feel healthier on the inside and it shows on the outside too, my skin looks better and brighter.”

Matt has pledged to do all he can to raise the profile of Peristeen, as it’s vital for other people in his situation to know that there are products available that make a real difference.

Matt commented: “I’m going to tell as many people as possible in my situation about Peristeen. It has changed my life and could change their lives too.”

Matt inspires us all
Sue Kernahan, Coloplast general manager in the UK, said: “Matt is such an inspiration and we are delighted that he is going to work with us to increase the awareness of Peristeen. At Coloplast we work hard every day, knowing that our products make a difference to people’s lives.

To have someone come in and share his story with us and tell us, in person, that our product has changed his life, left many of us with tears in our eyes. It’s been such a humbling day.”

Sue Frost, senior market manager in Coloplast UK, added: “Peristeen has the potential to make a huge difference to so many lives. To have someone like Matt, a famous face with an amazing story, say that it changed his life, makes us even more proud of the work we do. It also gives us hope that we have found a new way spreading the word about what an amazing product Peristeen is. He is a great ambassador for the product and we look forward to working with him.”

For more information on Peristeen click here.

Walk4Matt - 19-26 May 2012

In support of the Matt Hampson Foundation, a team from Coloplast will be taking part in the Walk4Matt 2012. The team of 8 will join others to travel the 110 miles from Rugby to Twickenham along the canal towpath, reaching Twickenham on the day of the Premiership Final. Most of the team will walk, but a couple of members will have the important task of making sure the narrowboat arrives in the correct place every day so that the team has somewhere to sleep.

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2 Feb 2012
Coloplast puts patients first with new cutting machines

Coloplast puts patients first with new cutting machines

When ordering stoma bags from Charter Healthcare, the home delivery service provided by Coloplast, customers are assured of a secure fit every time thanks to a major investment in a series of new cutting machines.

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The machines, which have been installed in Coloplast’s distribution centre in Peterborough, are used to cut ostomy bags to patients’ individual requirements.

Ostomy bags are used by people that have a stoma - an opening of the digestive system onto the abdomen. Ostomy bags are used to collect the output and Coloplast customises its ostomy bags ensuring a secure fit for every customer.

The machines cut the bags with an ultrasonic knife that oscillates at a very high frequency for precise customisation. As well as helping to ensure product consistency, the machines have increased production capabilities and also enable staff to focus on other areas of their work.

Coloplast prides itself on its award-winning level of customer service. When a customer places an order, their template – which is already on the system – is sent directly to the new Stoma Profiling Machines. The machines then cut the stoma bag to the exact shape of the template. The repeatability of the cut means that every bag a customer receives will be cut to their exact specifications. The speed at which the machine works also means that, even at periods of peak demand, most products will be dispatched on the same day they are ordered.

Arif Karim, Coloplast’s distribution centre manager, explained: “It is vital in our industry that we provide the best possible service to our customers. That means not only delivering products swiftly but also producing products of a consistently high quality.

“With our previous, manual method of cutting the ostomy bags, there was always an element of human judgement to take into account. Templates were printed off and ostomy bags were cut by hand according to the template. With the new machines we are able to transfer the templates directly to the machine order by order, and it cuts them with a greater degree of precision than was previously possible.”

Thanks to the IT infrastructure that Coloplast has installed to support the machines, they are simple to use and require little manual intervention, enabling staff in the distribution centre to focus on other areas of their work, further enhancing the level of customer service that Coloplast provides.

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