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Throughout your career in Coloplast you will be given the opportunity to grow in new directions. We offer a wide range of roles and strong career development at Coloplast. We focus heavily on leadership training as this drives our high performance culture and ensures we deliver results. Employees are rewarded with competitive packages and flexible benefits to suit their lifestyle needs. 

Career path at Coloplast

Career path

It is important that you get a glimpse of what careers look like in Coloplast. If you decide to join us, it will be your career that we are talking about. You don’t have to stay in the same lane your entire career. You might enter into Coloplast as a specialist and choose to further your career as a project manager. 

Developing you

Developing you

Our employees have a very specific skill – a strong learning ability. We value not just what you already know and can do today, but also your ability and capacity to keep learning from people, networks, situations and the world around you.



Leaders are both teachers and students, able to be a role model and increase the skills and experiences of others, but also learning new skills themselves, through being attentive, listening and responding to both our employees and our consumers.


A Great Place to Work

When you join Coloplast, we want you to feel part of our Company straight away.  We care for our employees, and whilst we will expect a lot from you professionally, we will also offer you a great deal, in terms of benefits, development, and hopefully a lot of fun along the way.

We pride ourselves on offering  market leading benefits package, which offers a range of standard benefits, as well as a fantastic selection of flexible benefits which you can tailor to suit your personal, and family circumstances.  Below is a summary of what is available to give you a flavour of Coloplast as a Great Place to Work.

Benefits For All

We offer a wide range of benefits as standard for all employees, including:
  • Private Medical Insurance
  • Contributory Pension Scheme
  • Life Assurance
  • Annual Leave
  • Profit-related pay
  • Share incentive scheme
  • Long service awards
  • Mobile phones
  • Employee Assistance Programme
  • Volunteering Policy
Learn more about benefits for all

Benefits for all

Private Medical Insurance

We want you to feel supported when you are well, as well as when you may need a medical intervention.  By providing Private Medical Insurance to everyone who joins us, we hope that if the worst should happen, you can be back to feeling well as soon as possible.  Depending on the level of your role, you may be offered cover for yourself, your partner, and in some roles, your family as well.   For those who want to add additional family members to their cover at their own cost, we have great rates to allow you to do this.

Our current provider also offers a Digital GP mobile app, available to all employees who join the scheme. You can access unlimited, around the clock GP consultations, with the option to select a GP by gender and language, and can re-book with a GP you’ve seen before. Repeat NHS prescriptions can be ordered with free delivery, along with reminders to take your medication, as well as an “ask a question” feature to help with any concerns you may have.



Contributory Pension Scheme

We provide a Group Self Invested Pension Plan (SIPP) which is offered on a contributory basis, matched up to 6%.  Assuming you meet the age and earnings criteria, you will be Auto-Enrolled into the scheme three months after joining the Company.  You are able to contribute as much as you would like to on a monthly basis from your salary (subject to not dropping below the National Minimum Wage), and you are able to manage your fund and investments via our user friendly, on- line benefits portal, iFlex.


Life Assurance

To support your loved ones, should the worst happen, we offer a Life Assurance benefit of four times annual salary.  When you join you will be asked to complete a Nomination of Beneficiary form to indicate who you would like to receive this benefit in the event that it is required.


Annual Leave

We offer a very generous annual leave entitlement of 28 days per year for all employees (pro-rata’d for those who work part time).  In some areas of the business, three of these days must be used over the Christmas/New Year period, but in addition to the statutory eight Bank Holidays, we hope that you can see that we put great value on employees being able to take time away from work to recharge their batteries!

We also offer the facility via iFlex, to purchase up to five days additional annual leave per year (based on a minimum level of service) or to sell annual leave (up to five days per year).


Profit Related Pay

We are really proud of the achievements of the Company, and would like employees to share in our success.  Dependent on the division you work within, you may be eligible to receive a payment under the Profit Related Pay Scheme, subject to meeting the scheme criteria.


Share Incentive Scheme

To allow employees to benefit from the success of the Company, we offer an HMRC approved Share Incentive Scheme, which opens annually each October.  You are able to contribute up the HMRC limit each month (currently £150), and after the full 12 month period, the total of the money accrued is used to purchase shares.  These are then held in individual employee accounts, and can be sold at any time; the longer they are held the more tax efficient they become.


Long Service Awards

To reward employees for their service with the Company, we offer an exciting long service awards programme.  At five year intervals following your five year anniversary you will receive a number of points to spend on line in our reward catalogue, offering everything from jewellery, items for the home and garden, accessories to help you pursue your hobbies, and experience days out.


Mobile Phones

For those employees that need to stay in touch when at work, whether office or field based, we offer iPhones to all.  These are regularly updated to ensure you can stay in touch when you need to.


Employee Assistance Programme

For those time when you may feel you need additional support, we offer a 24 hour, completely confidential helpline, offering assistance with a wide range of personal issues.


Volunteering Policy

As a Company we want to ensure our employees are supported in “giving something back” so we offer the opportunity to request up to two days per year to undertake volunteering activities.  This can either take the form of a dedicated block of time, or multiple shorter periods of providing support to your chosen charity or community project.


Flexible Benefits

We pride ourselves on our great flexible benefits offering, including:
  • Cyclescheme
  • Health Screens
  • Dental Cover
  • Critical Illness Cover
  • Gym Membership
  • Travel Insurance
  • Home Technology
  • Cash Savings
Learn more about flexible benefits

Flexible Benefits

We pride ourselves on our great flexible benefits offering, accessed via the iFlex portal.  We have a great selection of voluntary benefits that are on offer to you which include; Cyclescheme, Health Screens, Dental Cover, Critical Illness Cover, Gym Membership, Travel Insurance, Home Technology, and Cash Savings.

Some of these can be accessed from day one with the Company, whereas others can be taken up once you have successfully passed your probation period.  For any benefits taken, deductions will be taken from your salary on a monthly basis over a 12 month period.

Some of these attract a tax and NI saving, whereas others have a NI saving.  Further details will be sent to you when you join.


Head Office Based Benefits

For those individuals based either at our Head Office, or Peterborough based Distribution Centre, there are a number of benefits that you will be offered, including:
  • Subsidised Restaurants
  • Car park
  • Free tea/coffee & water
  • Free fruit
  • Dry cleaning
Learn more about head office based benefits

Head office based benefits

Subsidised Restaurants

To encourage employees to eat well at work, we offer a great range of food offerings for all office and distribution based employees.  At our main office we have a subsidised restaurant offering an extensive range of hot and cold meals and snacks, freshly prepared every day.  Within our new distribution centre, we will be offering a subsidised “deli bar” offering an exciting range of food, including both hot and cold options, and breakfast on a daily basis.


Car Parking

We offer extensive free car parking at both our head office and distribution sites.


Free Tea & Coffee/Water

You can refresh yourself throughout the day with our great selection of free hot drinks, and cold water available on tap.


Free Fruit

We want to encourage healthy eating and snacking, so ensure that a piece of free fruit is available to each office or distribution based employee every day.


Dry Cleaning

We know that sometimes it’s the little things that help, so we have a dry cleaning service that collects and delivers to the office on a weekly basis.


Field Team Benefits

Lunch Allowance

Whilst on the move we want to ensure that our employees take the time to eat lunch, so we provide an allowance to each employee, claimable for each day spent working out in the field.

National Sales Meetings

Twice a year, in April and October, you will attend our National Sales Meetings at an exciting venue, where you will get a chance to network with your colleagues, receive training, and hear about the latest product launches. 

Making it a Great Place to Work!

We want our employees to feel like being at Coloplast is more than just work. We have organised Family Fun Days and End of Year Parties, and individual departments run Employee of the Month schemes, where you get the chance to nominate your colleagues for the great work they do. At Easter we like to provide something sweet to enjoy over the long weekend, and at Christmas, we like to reward employees for yet another great year with us!


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