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No body is the same. And when it comes to stoma products, one size does not fit all. They should be suited to your body to allow you to move freely without worrying about leakage. Additionally, bodies can change over time, and with that so should your baseplate. With SenSura Mio, you can get the right fit for your individual body. 

Which SenSura Mio do I need?

We have defined three different peristomal body profiles that help us understand which SenSura Mio product would be best for you. The peristomal body profiles only concern the initial area around your stoma and they are not related to your weight, height and overall body shape. 

Regular: If the area around your stoma is relatively flat, and without curves, bulges or a cavity, we consider it a regular peristomal body profile. We recommend you sample the SenSura Mio for a secure and comfortable fit. SenSura Mio allows you to bend, stretch and move without worry. 

Inward: If the area around your stoma sinks into your abdomen or your stoma sits in a cavity, we characterise it as an inward peristomal body profile. SenSura Mio Convex is designed to manage stomas for an inward peristomal body profile. It provides extra support to help seal and protrude the stoma without compromising on comfort. 

Outward: If the area around your stoma rises from your abdomen or you are able to cup the area around your stoma with your hand, we characterise it as an outward peristomal body profile. SenSura Mio Concave is the only product specifically designed for curves and bulges. It's designed to hug the body with significantly less creasing and folding, and reduces leakage compared to flat products. SenSura Mio Concave allows you to move freely with confidence.  

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