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Discover the benefits of SenSura® Mio

Find the best fit for your body

The SenSura® Mio Convex is designed with individual bodies in mind to provide a secure fit over uneven or inward areas while allowing you to bend and stretch with comfort. It's available in 3 depths of convexity - so you can find the level of support that best matches your needs.

Gentle all-round support 

• Stoma opening above skin level 
• Minor creases or folds around the stoma

For shallow inward areas 

• Stoma opening level with the skin
• Shallow, inward areas or creases around the stoma

For tackling major challenges 

• Stoma opening below skin level 
• Deep, inward areas or creases around the stoma

Fits right due to the elastic adhesive

People have individual body shapes that changes both over the course of the day and when they move around. Therefore, it is key to find an adhesive that fits your body shape.

The new SenSura Mio fits individual body shapes – even hernias, scarring and skin folds.


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