Looking for an alternative to pads for male bladder incontinence? Try Conveen® Optima

Male bladder incontinence is often treated using absorbent products such as pads and pants. Alternative and discreet solutions such as Conveen sheaths and urine bags have proven to improve quality of life compared to absorbent products. 

The most important thing to remember before trying sheaths and urine bags is to find the product combination which best suits your lifestyle. Here you will find details of our discreet male incontinence solution which includes Conveen sheaths and a selection of urine drainage bags.

The information here is designed to be a supplement to the information provided by your doctor or healthcare professional. If you experience urinary incontinence, always start by talking to your doctor to get the right diagnosis and treatment.

What is male bladder incontinence?

Bladder or urinary incontinence is the medical term for being unable to hold back or control the release of urine. Some of the most common types of male urinary incontinence are: Stress urinary incontinence - experienced when sneezing, coughing or exercising Urge urinary incontinence - involuntary uncontrolled contractions of the bladder muscles Mixed urinary incontinence - a combination of stress incontinence and urge incontinence - experienced when sneezing, coughing or exercising. Learn more about male bladder incontinence

What causes male bladder incontinence?

There are many different causes of incontinence that can affect men of all ages. Common causes include weakness or damage to the muscles in the pelvic floor, problems with the control of bladder muscles, neurological conditions that affect the voluntary release of urine, an enlarged prostate gland, a urinary tract infection and type 2 diabetes. 

Is male bladder incontinence a common problem?

Male urinary incontinence is more common than you might think. Approximately one in 20 men aged over 18, and one in 10 men aged over 60 have symptoms of incontinence.

Is incontinence a natural part of aging for men?

Although incontinence becomes more common with age, it's not just older adults who are affected. Incontinence can occur as a result of various medical conditions, damage to the spinal cord or prostate.

Can male urinary incontinence be treated?

Some types of male incontinence can be treated or improved through pelvic floor muscle exercises, bladder training, medication or surgery. Your doctor will be able to help you find the right treatment. Some men are able to regain continence once they have a diagnosis and commence the recommended treatment. However it is possible to manage incontinence through common solutions such as absorbents, protective underwear, pads as well as sheaths and urine bags. 

How can I continue my social life with incontinence?

Unmanaged or poorly managed incontinence may have an impact on your social life. However, incontinence shouldn't stop you doing the things you enjoy. To help you overcome your incontinence, start by talking to your doctor or health care professional. He or she will be able to find the right solution for you. 

Where can I get more advice about male bladder incontinence?

Your doctor is the best place to go for advice if you experience urinary incontinence. It might seem embarrassing to discuss your incontinence but doctors are used to dealing with intimate problems and will have seen many men with incontinence. He or she will be able to identify the type of incontinence that affects you and if necessary refer you to a specialist.


FAQ's on the Conveen Optima Sheath and how to use effectively

Why choose Conveen urine bags?

Why Conveen®?

If managed correctly, there is no reason to let urinary incontinence hold you back. Learn more about Conveen products

Conveen® is a discreet, reliable alternative to absorbent solutions. Instead of merely being absorbed, urine gets funnelled away from your body and stored in a discreet bag secured comfortably to your leg.  This keeps you dry and comfortable. So you can maintain focus on more interesting things.


 Urisheath    Urine night bag    

What is a sheath and urine drainage bag?

What is a sheath and urine drainage bag?

The Conveen Optima sheath, used with a urine bag, provides a discreet, secure and reliable solution. It offers all day protection and is inconspicuous, so no-one needs to know you're wearing it. Read more

About Conveen Optima

The Conveen Optima sheath, used with a urine bag, provides a discreet, secure and reliable solution. It offers all day protection and is inconspicuous, so no-one needs to know you're wearing it. With Conveen you'll have the confidence to get back to doing what you love most in the company of your friends and family. 

What is a sheath?

A sheath is specially designed for men to provide a secure and discreet way to manage male urinary incontinence. It is a soft, flexible sleeve that looks like a regular condom and is rolled on to the penis in the same way. On the tip of the urisheath there is an outlet that connects by tube to a urine collecting bag.

What is a urine bag?

A urine bag is used with the sheath to collect and store urine. It attaches securely to the sheath via a tube and is normally worn strapped to the leg. When the bag becomes full, it is simply emptied in the toilet. Urine bags are available for day and night use in different sizes for different levels of incontinence. As the bags are worn under your clothes (day use), they are highly discreet so no-one has to know you have continence problems.

What are the benefits of sheaths and urine bags?

Sheaths and urine bags are a discreet alternative to protective underwear and pads. Most men find they fit easily into their daily routine. The sheath can typically be worn for up to 24 hours and the bag is simply emptied into the toilet when necessary.

What are the alternatives?

Pads and protective underwear are commonly used to manage incontinence. They are worn under your clothes and the absorbent material soaks up the urine. Pads and protective underwear can be useful for mild to heavy urinary incontinence. However, they can be bulky and need to be changed frequently to avoid problems with odour and skin rashes.

Does one size fit everyone?

All men are different so a urisheath like Conveen Optima comes in 5 different sizes and 2 different lengths to ensure the perfect fit. Conveen also has a range of urine bags to manage different levels of incontinence, as well as a night-time bag.

Are sheaths reliable?

When used correctly, a sheath connected to a collecting bag is a very reliable and effective way to manage incontinence. Always ensure you use the right size to minimise the risk of leakage.

Do I need training to use the Conveen Optima sheath?

It will take a bit of practice to familiarise yourself with changing the sheath and collecting bag. However, most men soon find that it fits easily into their daily routine. 

How often should I change the sheath?

Each sheath can be worn for up to 24 hours and more frequent changing is not recommended. A sheath is intended for single use only and should be disposed of following use. For optimal hygiene and fitting, never use a sheath more than once.

How do I empty the urine bag?

When the urine bag is approximately two-thirds full, it needs to be emptied. You do this by simply opening the valve at the bottom of the bag and emptying its contents into the toilet.

What about during the night?

A good night’s sleep is important for everyone. For use during the night, a larger urine bag is available. This bag has a longer tube and is strapped to your bedside instead of your body for comfort. This allows you, and your loved one, to sleep undisturbed through the night.

Solution of sheaths and leg bags

How it works

The Conveen solution is actually two products - a sheath worn over the penis connected to a bag worn on the leg. Two products but one discreet and reliable solution that makes you feel secure all day. More on the Conveen solution

Two products, one discreet and reliable solution that makes you feel secure all day.

Conveen Sheath Conveen Bag

1. A sheath - Conveen Optima

  • The Conveen Optima sheath is worn over the penis and held on by a gentle adhesive

  • Conveen Optima sheaths are available in a range of sizes to ensure secure fit 

2. A urine bag - such as Simpla Profile or Conveen Active

  • Worn over the thigh or calf

  • There are several bag options to choose from, depending on your particular needs.

  • A night bag is also available to give you a full night's sleep


3. Customise solution

  • The sheath connects to a urine-collection bag and held securely by an aquasleeve

  • Urine is channelled into the bag and contained discreetly

  • Urine is then emptied via a tap mechanism at your convenience

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