SenSura Mio Concave

A stoma baseplate designed specifically for curves, bulges or hernias.

The stoma baseplate designed specifically for curved areas

It can be difficult to find a baseplate to fit over curves, bulges or hernias. SenSura Mio Concave is specifically designed for people with curves around their stoma. The star-shaped baseplate is designed to hug the curved area with less creasing and folding.All SenSura Mio baseplates have an elastic adhesive designed with BodyFit technology that provides a secure body contact and a flexible fit during movement.

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Features of SenSura®Mio Concave

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- specially designed to fit curved areas

The unique full circle pre-filter
provides greater protection against clogging and is proven to reduce ballooning by up to 61%.** For illeostomists, 52% for colostomists
BodyFit Technology®
is the foundation for getting the right fit to individual body shapes.

It is an adhesive technology unique to SenSura Mio baseplates that provides a secure body contact and a flexible fit during movement.
The baseplate is star-shaped
with petals that hug the curved area, helping to reduce creases and folds in the adhesive.
A built-in stability ring
supports your stoma and stabilises the centre of the baseplate.
Elastic adhesive and fit zones
at the centre and rim of the baseplate provide extra flexibility for full body movement.
The discreet grey bag
is made of woven material that is soft, comfortable and stays unnoticed under clothing - even white.
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