A legacy of intimate healthcare

Coloplast is one of the world's leading suppliers of intimate healthcare products. Our story began more than 50 years ago when nurse Elise Sørensen came up with an ingenious idea after her sister Thora had ostomy surgery. She created the world's first disposable ostomy pouch with an adhesive ring. It gave Thora the chance to live a normal life again. 

To this day, Coloplast continues to pursue the very same goal for you. We want to better understand your every day intimate healthcare problems, and help you solve them. We are passionate about making a difference in your life - so that you can live life to the full with security, comfort and discretion. Read more about us

Getting the best fit for your body

Getting the best fit for your body

Every body is different, and your body changes over time. A stoma operation is a big change, so read more about how to get the right stoma appliance to fit your body now. Finding the right product

Getting the best fit for your body

In the months and years following your operation, you may notice certain changes to your body. These changes can include: 

  • Weight gain or loss as you recover from the illness that caused the operation
  • Fold or scarring of the skin around your stoma
  • Hernia development connected to your stoma

As these changes occur, it’s important that you make sure your stoma pouch continues to provide the right fit.

A tight seal between the pouch and your skin is essential to good stoma care. If, for example, the area around your stoma changes from being regular to being more inwards, it may be time to switch to a convex pouch. You may also need to use additional accessories.

Our online self-assessment tool, BodyCheck, will help you figure out your current body profile and whether your body has changed significantly. It has suggestions for the right pouches and accessories for you.

It’s a good idea to consult with your stoma care nurse about pouch fit and accessories.


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