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Putting patients in control with Peristeen transanal irrigation

For a patient suffering with bowel dysfunction, establishing an effective bowel care routine which fits into daily life is an important part of coming to terms with their bowel problem and regaining control of when they empty their bowels.

What is Peristeen transanal irrigation?

Peristeen transanal irrigation is a well-documented bowel emptying technique used to prevent faecal incontinence and chronic constipation.

It’s an effective long-term alternative to other bowel management methods and works simply by introducing lukewarm water into the bowels via a rectal catheter to stimulate a bowel movement.

With regular use, some users are able to achieve predictable bowel management and the ability to stay continent for up to two days giving them confidence to do the things they might not have been able to do before.

Peristeen works when lukewarm water is introduced into the rectum and colon via the anus and subsequently evacuated into a toilet together with the contents of the descending colon, sigmoid and rectum.

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Peristeen should be considered when:

  • First-line treatments (e.g. laxatives, diet changes) fail to provide sufficient relief

  • The patient is within the principle bowel dysfunction patient groups: neurogenic, functional, paediatric

  • Patient assessments have been conducted and the patient is engaged

HCP Resources - Best Start for better bowel care

HCP training tools

We have developed an extensive range of tools to support HCPs and their patients as they start their Peristeen journey. Because every patient is different, the initial outcomes of Peristeen can vary but with a little patience and practice, your patients can achieve significant improvements in bowel function and quality of life − these tools will show you how.

Resources for HCPs

Our Peristeen Training Video and Training Guide are aimed at HCPs who want to learn how to effectively select, train and support patients in the confident and competent use of Peristeen.

Learn more about bowel irrigation

Training Video for HCPs

Provides an understanding of what Peristeen transanal irrigation is and how it can benefit your patients. The video explains how Peristeen works, is set up and used.

Learn more about bowel irrigation

Training Video for HCPs

How does it work?

Peristeen empties the bowel by introducing water into the bowel using a rectal catheter. It is performed whilst sitting on the toilet. The water is then emptied from the bowel, along with the stool, into the toilet. The lower part of the bowel is emptied so efficiently that most users only have to irrigate every other day.

Used routinely, daily or every other day, Peristeen can help reduce the physical discomfort and mental worry of bowel leakage and constipation, making it easier to take part in social activities, go to work or travel.

The benefits of using Peristeen:

  • Prevents bowel leakage and constipation for up to two days
  • Enables you to decide when to empty your bowels.
  • Lets you choose what time of day you want to irrigate, so it fits in with your lifestyle
  • Improves quality of life


And that’s not all…

By minimising the risk of bowel accidents, Peristeen minimises the likelihood of skin irritations. It can also help prevent urinary tract infections and help reduce flatulence. Learn more about Peristeen or contact Customer Care.


Coloplast eLearning:

The Coloplast Online Training Portal provides a platform to enable you to share, learn and develop your knowledge and skills.



Modules include: 

  • Introduction to Bladder and Bowel Management

  • Management of Bowel Continence in Adults

  • Advanced Bowel Management - Principles of Peristeen Transanal Irrigation

  • Management of Bladder & Bowel – Spinal Cord Injury

  • Management of Bladder & Bowel – Paediatrics

 You can access the Online Training Portal anytime from anywhere that you have access to a computer and the internet.

Patient support tools

As with starting anything new, it can take time and perseverance to adapt and establish a bowel care routine with Peristeen. Some users may see an improvement with their bowels very quickly following regular (daily or every other day) use, for others it may take longer for their bodies to adjust.

Peristeen step by step guides.

Our Step by Step Guides offer simple step by step instructions to using Peristeen.

The adult step guide is also available in the following languages:

  • Urdu ; Romanian ; Polish ; Hindi ; Arabic ; Turkish ; Punjabi



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