Coloplast Wound & Skin Care is committed to continuously support you

Your Healthcare Professional has assessed your wound as appropriate for shared or self-care and has recommended Biatain Silicone dressings.

Of course, you will still receive ongoing support from your healthcare professional. However, caring for your wound can improve your understanding and confidence managing it, as well as your quality of life and the convenience of your care.

On this website, you can read tips on how to share or self-care for your wound including video guides on how to apply and remove your Biatain Silicone dressings.

Hand washing guide

How to clean your wound before applying a new dressing

Follow the instructions below in order.


1. Wash your hands according to the hand-washing guide (see the above section) and dry them well.

2. Make sure to have a clean space (e.g. a clean towel) on which to place the fresh products, and to have everything you need to do the cleansing and dressing change.

3. If you are wearing a dressing that must be removed, remove old dressing and place it in the bin.

4. Once again, wash your hands according to the hand-washing guide and dry them well.

5. Place all dressings needed for your change on the clean surface you have identified. Do not open the packets of the dressings yet.

Cleaning your wound

6. Put on disposable gloves if available.

7. Add saline or water to the gauze or pad which you will be using to clean your wound.

8. Gently clean your wound in small circular motions avoiding vigorous rubbing and wiping. Start from middle of wound working outwards to prevent contamination and trauma.

9. Gently pat the wound dry with a piece of dry gauze or clean towel.

10. Discard of used gloves and cleaning products.

11. Open the dressing pack and put on disposable gloves if available (or according to the guidance from your healthcare professional).

How to apply Biatain Silicone

Biatain Silicone Square Application Guide

Biatain Silicone Square Application Guide

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Biatain Silicone Square Application Guide


Coloplast's Biatain Silcone product has a range of sizes to cater for different wound types. You can view the application techniques for the other dressings by accessing the link below.


Frequently asked questions

Can I shower with my dressing?

Yes you can. Biatain Silicone has a waterproof topfilm, which allows you to shower with the dressing on. Both before and after the shower, make sure that the dressing is in place and that the silicone border adheres to the skin.


How long will it take for my wound to improve?

Healing time will depend on the size and type of your wound, as well as your general health. It is important that you follow the treatment and advice prescribed by your healthcare professional.


How often will my dressing have to be changed?

Biatain Silicone dressings can be worn for up to 7 days, depending on how much fluid is coming from the wound and the clinical judgement from your healthcare professional. Please see the “How to apply Biatain Silicone” page.


For further product information, please see the Instructions for Use leaflet, which is included in the dressing box, or consult your local healthcare professional.


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