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For tidy, discreet and hygienic handling and disposal, SpeediCath Flex is re-closable. Get free sample
Soft-squeeze grip
Makes it easy to guide the tip into the urethra safely without touching itGet free sample
Flexible tip
For easy guidance and gentle passage through the curves and bends of your urethra.Get free sample
Ensures the catheter can be inserted without having to touch the tube itself.Get free sample
The easy-to-open packaging is neutral-coloured and non-medical.Get free sample
Click on the circles, and discover how SpeediCath® Flex makes catheterisation hygienic, flexible and private.

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More than 50% of people with multiple sclerosis will experience bladder issues. The symptoms vary from person to person.

Many people with multiple sclerosis have neurogenic bladder dysfunction, which means a decreased ability to control the bladder. Some people may find that they need to urinate more frequently or urgently, whereas others may experience difficulty emptying the bladder or a feeling of incomplete emptying.

Available for men and women, the SpeediCath range has a solution for everyone, making continence issues one less thing to worry about.

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